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Please notify the Front Office by 9:30am via either of the following methods if your daughter(s) will be absent due to illness, or arrive to School late. If your daughter will arrive after 8:30am (due to an appointment, etc), please advise an approximate time of arrival and ask that she reports to the Front Office upon arrival.

Phone: 8334 2200
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Unnamed lost property items are held at the Front Office. Please clearly label all items of clothing and personal effects.

Lost property from this term will be displayed outside Student Services during the last week of term. Please ask your daughter to check the table for any items she may have misplaced this term.

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In 2015, we have subscribed to ‘Parenting Ideas Schools’, founded by Michael Grose, to bring brief but well written and researched articles for parents to our Enews on a regular basis.

The editions now available are:

> Easing anxiety
> Manage like a cat, nurture like a dog

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Enews – Term 4, Week 6 2015

Issue no. 36 


From the Director of Teaching and Learning

The roads we travel

MeredithBeck_webAs another year of SACE and IB exams draw to an end, I wonder if there is anyone in our adult school community who has never sat for an exam. We surely all remember the pre- exam nerves, the eerie quiet when watching the sweep of the second hand prior to the start of the hour, and the rustle of papers as the exam begins. Maybe we remember being in the flow as our hard work comes to fruition. Perhaps we also recall being stuck on a question. Did you place a mark in the margin to flag a need to return, and send up a small prayer for inspiration? I did.

Examinations in some format seem to be the rite of passage. They have a long history and, to state the obvious, they are one of life’s tests. Indeed, formal exams are recorded as far back as the Sui dynasty, 581 AD, in China. These days there is no longer quite the finality of exams in terms of determining progression to the next stage, of admission to higher learning or a profession. SACE external assessments make up only 30% of the total and not all subjects have an exam component. In fact, Year 11 exams do not affect the SACE grade nor necessarily progression to Year 12. Furthermore, there are now a number of pathways into higher education. A strong exam result contributing to a high ATAR is just one of them.

The importance of exams in educational philosophy has also changed. Even though we celebrate the high flyers, we are equally proud of growth and distance travelled for the student. This may not be reflected in the exam result, but evident in the thinking, skills and attitudes that the learner develops along the way.

We know that some students can better demonstrate what they know and how to apply it in a context other than an exam. An understanding that we are different as learners underpins a more enlightened and progressive approach to assessment. Differentiation is important in our response to the learning needs of the individual. Assessment for and as learning, not just of learning, is an accepted part of our pedagogy. Outcomes-based measurement is a part of the learning and assessment framework.

Exams are a way of gauging learning against benchmarks and an endeavour to be objective about the learning decision. Moderation processes, benchmarking, achievement standards plus concerns about validity and reliability feature in guidelines for exam writers and assessors.

Do exams test creativity? The answer probably depends on the nature of the exam. Pure recall might require some creative means to remember the detail, but most exams go far beyond recollection of facts. Thinking on one’s feet and under pressure calls for certain skills that might include creativity. However, I suggest that when a teacher comments that an answer was creative there are a range of interpretations that could be applied!

What do teachers think about exams? It may be hard for students to believe but exams can be nearly as stressful for teachers as they are for students. Just like their parents, we empathise with the girls’ highs and lows and respond to the pre-exam pressure they feel. There is a sense of release when the exam process is complete. From my perspective, I love to see relief splashed like cool water on the girls’ faces after an exam and their celebration of the shared experience with friends.

For SACE Year 12 students, exams are finished. Another challenge has been met, another colour added to the palette of their life experiences.

Meredith Beck

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Staff update

In staffing news, it is my pleasure to announce that Matthew Durant has been appointed as the new Head of Mathematics commencing in Term 1, 2016. Matthew joins us from Concordia College where he has been Head of Mathematics since January 2014. He has a wealth of experience in teaching IBDP Mathematics SL, as well as SACE Mathematical Methods, Mathematical Studies and Specialist Mathematics. Matthew also has experience teaching IB MYP Mathematics (extension and general). Prior to joining Concordia, Matthew was Mathematics Coordinator at Endeavour College for seven years.

After commencing with the School in 2009, Lyn Moseley has announced that she will be resigning from her role as School Counsellor at the end of 2015. Lyn has been a much valued member of staff, working closely with students, staff and parents. Lyn will continue to increase her work in private practice working with children, adolescents and their families. I am sure you will all join me in wishing Lyn well as she prepares to commence in her new position next year.

I’m delighted to announce that Nicole Letch has been appointed to the position of full-time School Counsellor. Nicole will commence in 2016, and is a skilled clinical psychologist with over 17 years’ post-qualification experience. Nicole has worked in clinical and educational settings both in Australia and the UK, and is also a qualified secondary school teacher and author of numerous psychology textbooks for the Australian secondary school market.

I hope you will join me in welcoming both Matthew and Nicole into the School community in 2016.

Julia Shea

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Students learn elite performance

Over the past couple of weeks the Year 7/8 Futures (Sport Focus) and the Year 10 High Performance classes have been fortunate enough to have former Victorian cricket captain and South Australian Redbacks coach (and Saints parent), Darren Berry, speak to the girls regarding elite team performance. Darren was able to give some insights to the girls on sporting pathways and the ways to achieve a competitive edge on their opponents. The High Performance girls have been completing a unit on how the best teams in the world achieve that culture, such as the New Zealand All Blacks ‘sweeping the sheds’, where they always leave the change rooms after the game exceptionally clean. Darren spoke about this personal responsibility and how one person can infect the team’s culture in a positive or negative way. We thank him for his time.

Daniel Searle
Head of PE, Health & Outdoor Education

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2015 Maths Challenge entries on display


During Weeks 7 and 8, the 2016 Primary Maths Challenge entries will be on display in the Learning Strategies Room (MB 209).

Feel free to pop by before or after school to have a look at the amazing work done by our girls. It may inspire you to enter in 2016.

Here is an excerpt from the State Winning entry, ‘Bows and Business’, by Bronwyn and Evelyn Gautier:

“For our topic we included decimal, speed, percentage, angles, area, perimeter and volume, currency conversion, time conversion, 12/24 hour time, measurement conversion and chance and probability. We also have cost and profit calculations as well as data collection and charts. Apart from gathering materials and researching in craft material shops in Hong Kong, we also did research on eBay to compare costs…. We raised a total of $150 for TeamKids of the Women’s and Children’s Hospital through our sale and they were very grateful.”

Congratulations, girls, on an amazing investigation!!

Cath Kelly
Learning Strategies (R-6)

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Premier’s Reading Challenge 2015

From left: Middle School Hall of Fame (10-11 years of participation); Junior School Hall of Fame (8 years of participation); Emma celebrates 10 years

For the 12th year in a row, the Challenge has continued to encourage South Australian students to read. Congratulations go to all the Saints girls who successfully completed this year’s challenge! An impressive total number of 1,517,124 books were read this year across the State. This year also saw our Junior School achieve 100% participation, while numbers participating in Middle and Senior School were much higher than last year.

All students who have been awarded the Hall of Fame Medal and who were marked as having consent to print their names on the PRC website are now on the Hall of Fame Honour Roll. Check this out on the Premier’s Reading Challenge website.

Student awards have arrived and will be distributed to students over the coming week but several students qualify for a special mention. Three Junior School students received certificates for involvement in 8 challenges: Sabrina Agostenelli, Sophie Barr and Georgia Davidson. Several Middle School students have successfully completed the challenge for 10 years: Sarah Pols, Erin Barrera, Georgia Bowden, Emma Herselman, Charlene Lee, Kate McKellar-Stewart, Felicia Mi and Dominique Rigby. The highest certificate went to students who have been involved with this challenge for 11 years: congratulations to Olivia Compare (top, right in photo), Kritika Mishra, Alexandra Murray and Brianna Dang, who have participated in the challenge for every year they have been at school.

In 2016, our goal is to have every Junior and Middle School student participate successfully in the Premiers Reading Challenge. Readers, you are encouraged to start reading now!

This article was brought to you by St Peter’s Girls’ Library and Information Services… bringing books, technology and our community together… any time, anywhere.

Lisa Hollis
Resource Centre Coordinator

Reception classes with their certificates; Year 5 students (right)

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Kilburn serves the community

kilburn-10In 2015 Kilburn House is supporting ‘Cancer Council Australia’. ‘Cancer Council Australia’ are the leading independent funders of cancer research in Australia. In 2015 research grants through Cancer Councils totalled more than $70.5 million. Their early detection and prevention programs aim to help people quit smoking, protect themselves from the sun, eat healthier foods and engage in physical activity to reduce the risk of cancer. ‘Cancer Council Australia’ coordinate a network of cancer support groups, services and programs to help improve the quality of life of cancer patients, people living with cancer, their families and carers.

On Saturday 14 November a number of Year 10 Kilburn students assisted at the Credit Union Christmas Pageant. The Kilburn girls were handing out sunscreen to the spectators before the pageant started. The Year 10 Kilburn girls have also been fundraising money this term through ‘The Daffodil Effect’. The Kilburn girls (R-12) have been asked to buy a hand-created daffodil. The daffodils will be displayed on St Michael’s Wing. The Home Group with the most daffodils bought will be rewarded with some Krispy Kreme Donuts. We have been overwhelmed with the support that Kilburn House has given these initiatives.

Kirsten Mansfield
10KIL Home Group Teacher

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PE Week


PE Week this year had a focus of inclusive participation for all. It occurred last week with activities such as Staff-Student matches, Year 4 and 6 PE Activity Days in the city, the Junior School Health Hustle run by the Year 6s, dodge ball games, classic catching competitions, cricket activities and a Year 3 Aquathon. Many girls were involved throughout the week in some of these activities.

Daniel Searle
Head of PE, Health & Outdoor Education

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Canada exchange reflections


On Friday 28 August four students left the cold weather of Adelaide, their family, friends and pets behind and hopped on a plane to go to the other side of the world for six weeks as exchange students. After about 30 hours of travel, way too many movies, a Starbucks frappé in L.A., going through customs (the officials, by the second student through, would comment, “Let me guess what you have to declare… Vegemite, Fruchocs and Tim Tams, right?”), the girls landed in the stunning and perfectly bilingual city of Montréal. The welcome at the airport was overwhelming, with the Canadian host families waiting with placards, genuine hugs and much excitement.

All the girls agreed that Miss Edgar and Miss Cramp’s School shared many similarities to Saints Girls. The school values and histories, students’ work ethics and behaviour, the House systems and the relationships between staff and students were all so familiar that our Australian girls felt quite at ease and comfortable at the school. Some of the main differences were welcomed by our students. They did not mind having a cooked recess and lunch in la cantine or that they could wear their skirts quite short. Nor were they fazed by being addressed in French and they all loved the fact that the school was quite small (only 300 students from Reception to Year 12) with very small class sizes which enabled them to get to know everyone in their Year 9 cohort.

Being there at the beginning of the school year also meant that our students were involved in all the orientation activities. These included bike rides alongside the Lachine River, ‘The Pink Walkathon’ where ECS was joined by other students from girls’ schools to raise money for breast cancer, a twilight colour run and a visit to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts where they had the incredible good fortune to be in the same room as Rodin’s iconic sculpture, ‘Le Penseur’(the thinker ) that was lent to the museum as part of a special exhibition from Paris. Other experiences included going over the border to visit Vermont, attending a One Direction concert in a landmark stadium, eating plenty of all thing maple-flavoured and trying poutine which are chips mixed with cheese curds and then drizzled with gravy. The Australian students thought it was delicious – unfortunately the Canadians did not have the same reaction to Vegemite.

Despite all the incredible places and amazing opportunities they experienced, after speaking to our students it is apparent that what they enjoyed the most about their trip was making new friends. Sure, the world is a small place and we can Google map our way around the streets of Montréal, communicate with other people in many different ways over the internet and some of us may even get to travel to many corners of the world but how often do we really get to truly experience another culture other than living there at least for a while? An exchange is a unique way to absorb the culture of a place and to truly understand the differences and similarities between other people in the world. Being internationally-minded means that the world is your classroom and that even though you may never feel more ‘Australian’ than when you are overseas, we are all, in fact, global citizens.

Reflecting on the exchange
“This exchange was one of the most amazing experiences of my life and I feel it has made me more mature and independent. It has opened my eyes to the world and I feel that many girls would benefit from this incredible experience.” – Carla Lawrence

“An exchange is so much fun and you learn a lot when you are away. I learnt many things, including some key skills such as independence and organisation. I also improved my French skills. I made lots of new friends and I will certainly keep in contact with them. I have made some amazing memories with my exchange partner and we are so excited for her to come to Australia.” – Sophie Auricht

Nina Ferraro-Martin
French Teacher

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Mothers’ Club raffle result

Thank you to everyone who entered the Mother’s Club Taylor Swift raffle, which raised an amazing $3193.46! The lucky winner was an ELC parent: Sarah Corbett.

Emma Robinson

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Join us at the Parents’ and Friends’ Association AGM

All parents are warmly invited to attend the Parents’ and Friends’ Annual General Meeting, reflect on the past year and elect a new executive for 2016.

6.30pm, Thursday 26 November 2015
Chiverton Boardroom

This will be followed by drinks and nibbles at the Kensington Hotel.

The P&F is open to all St Peter’s Girls parents and it is only successful because of the parents who volunteer their time to help at events like the Twilight Cinema or Drinks on the Lawn. We are always looking for people who can offer some time or expertise. If you’re not sure whether you’d like to participate or have the time, then come along to the AGM, chat to some of the current members and find out what the P&F has to offer.

Anyone interested in nominating for a position on the executive should contact Ed Parker ( or Mara Georgiadis ( before the meeting.

Ed Parker

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School Shop holiday opening times

The School shop will close on Tuesday 8 December.

We will be open for Blazer collection ONLY on Thursday 10 December from 9 – 4pm and Friday 11 December, 8-11am.

January 2016
The School Shop will be open in the last week of the School holidays from Monday 25 – Friday 29 January from 9am to 4pm.

Closed Tuesday 26 January (Australia Day Public Holiday)

Normal trading will commence from Monday 1 February 2016

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ELC Christmas Picnic

ELC Christmas Picnic

Our Christmas Picnic will be held on Friday 27 November from 5pm in the ELC grounds. This informal event is a wonderful opportunity for our entire community to come together and celebrate the wonderful year we have shared.

The Friends of ELC are busy organising a stall for us to purchase some food items.

The will have a variety of yummy treats on offer, including:

  • Sausages in bread: $2
  • Fruit Boxes: $1
  • Bottles of Water $2
  • Zooper Doopers $1
  • Fruit Kebabs $1
  • Cupcakes $1

Families are encouraged to support the Friends of ELC stand. You are also welcome to bring your own picnic basket, rug, nibbles, drinks (wine or soft), plates and glasses.

We will also be selling raffle tickets the week leading up to the Christmas Picnic and on the night. Some wonderful Christmas hampers are up for grabs. The tickets will be $2 each or three for $5. We will display the prizes in the foyer of the ELC and have tickets there for sale.

There will be a small concert by the children out the front of the Chapel at 5.45pm, with children from each room performing special songs.

All children can come dressed in their special Christmas outfits, unless you have been asked to wear something specific for your child’s song.

We very much look forward to coming together for this special occasion.

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Carols in the Cathedral

Carols Enews

All parents are warmly invited to attend the annual Carols in the Cathedral service.

This is a special celebration – a true highlight of the School year.

Tuesday 1 December 2015
Guests must arrive at 6.45pm, for a 7pm start

St Peter’s Cathedral
King William Street, North Adelaide

All students from Years 3 to 12 are expected to attend and sit with their class groups and teachers in the Cathedral. Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 students may attend and sit with their family members.

We hope to see you there.

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Junior Primary Nativity Play

R-2 Nativity Enews

Of all the sheep in the flock the smallest, youngest ewe is the most inquisitive. She is always busy getting under the shepherds’ feet, asking question, and, to the irritation of the rest of the flock, demanding to know exactly what is going on. One night, however, while all the other sheep are trying to sleep, some extraordinary events unfold that excite her curiosity more than ever before!

Our R-2 Nativity, ‘Hey Ewe!’, is an upbeat Christmas Nativity that will have you tapping your toes and baaing away to all of the songs. The Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 girls invite you to come along and celebrate the Nativity with us!

6.30pm, Friday 4 December 2015
Arts Centre, St Peter’s Girls’ School

Please RSVP at

Kathryn Clark and Sallyann Bruun
Year 2 Teachers

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Year 6 Graduation

Year 6 Graduation Enews

The annual Year 6 Graduation will be held on Monday 7 December.

Year 6 parents have been sent a formal invitation, with a code to access priority release tickets through Trybooking.

Years 3-5 parents will be sent ticket information next week.

We hope to see as many parents as possible join us for this special celebration.

2pm, Monday 7 December
Arts Centre, St Peter’s Girls’ School

Cassandra Moore and Vicky Charlton
Year 6 Teachers

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Year 9 Graduation invitation

Year 9 Graduation

The annual Year 9 Graduation will be held on Tuesday 8 December.

Year 9 parents have been sent a formal invitation, and other Middle School families are also welcome to attend.

2pm, Monday 7 December
Arts Centre, St Peter’s Girls’ School

Please RSVP at

We hope to see as many parents as possible join us for this special celebration.

Richard Lisle
Head of Middle School

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Presentation Night


All parents are warmly invited to attend the inaugural Presentation Night on Wednesday 9 December.

7pm, Wednesday 9 December 2015
Adelaide Town Hall

Join us to celebrate all our achievements of 2015

Featuring outstanding musical performances

Please RSVP at

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Buzz Book advertising now open

Buzz Book 2016 Enews

Next year’s Buzz Book is just around the corner. The Buzz Book is an integral part of each St Peter’s Girls’ School family home. It’s the go-to resource for all our families – and this is your opportunity to be included in the Buzz.

Advertising is available in the 2016 edition and prices start from just $20 for a text listing and from $120 for display spaces.

This year we are offering advertisers who purchase a full page colour ad the option of a complimentary promotion on the big screen at the 2016 Twilight Cinema!

This is an annual fundraising initiative of the Parents’ and Friends’ Association where all funds raised go towards resources for the girls. The fundraising efforts of the P&F have been integral in such initiatives as the purchase of a NAO Humanoid Robot worth over $20,000. The P&F’s contributions to the School are all the more possible thanks to the support and generosity of local businesses and school families who contribute to the Buzz Book each year.

To book your spot, visit

But hurry – bookings must close on Monday 7 December!

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SPAA presents: Conducting for Choirs with Timothy Sexton

SPAA workshop Enews

Are you preparing to lead your peers in Choral Night 2016 but don’t know where to start?
Are you doing Senior Music next year?
Do you sing in a choir or a group?
Would you like to sing in a choir or a group?
Are you simply interested in music for voice and want to learn more?

If you have answered yes to even one of the questions above, you need to come along to the Conducting for Choirs Workshop. The workshop will be at the:

St Peters Girls’ School Arts Centre
on Wednesday 2 December
from 4.30pm – 6.30pm

Tickets $25 each

RSVP online at

Timothy Sexton has been the CEO and Artistic Director of the State Opera of South Australia since July 2011, and has been a supporter of the Saints Performing Arts Academy since its inception, officially opening the academy in 2012.

As a freelance composer, conductor, arranger, singer, writer, adjudicator and ABC broadcaster, Timothy Sexton is one of the most prominent musicians in South Australia. Since gaining an Honours degree in Music Composition at the Elder Conservatorium, University of Adelaide, he has created more than 200 works, ranging from opera and music theatre to choral and orchestral works and film scores. Timothy has sung in over 30 productions for the State Opera of South Australia, he was Chorus Master and a Rehearsal Conductor for the 2004 Adelaide Ring Cycle and Chorus Master and Associate Conductor for the 2010 Adelaide Festival of Arts opera, Le Grand Macabre.

In late 2001 Timothy founded the Adelaide Art Orchestra, working with such entertainment luminaries as Kate Ceberano, Hugh Sheridan, Anthony Warlow, David Hobson, Christine Anu, Rachael Beck, Tim Campbell, David Campbell, Natalie Cole, Bernadette Peters, Rhonda Burchmore, Silvie Paladino, Rob Guest, Marina Prior, Doug Parkinson, Glenn Shorrock and Julie Anthony.

Timothy was twice awarded the Henry Krips Memorial Conducting Scholarship and in 2003 received a Centenary of Federation Medal for Services to Music. In 2008, Timothy was awarded a prestigious Ruby Award for Sustained Contribution to the Arts by an Individual and was the 2009 South Australian of the Year (Arts Category).

We are indeed incredibly fortunate to have Timothy running this workshop.

The Conducting for Choirs Workshop is open to all 2016 senior secondary students, tertiary students and musicians.

Contact me on for further details.

Amanda Kimber
Director of SPAA

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Scholarship information and registration details are now available at

Year 8 Academic Scholarship for Entry 2017
Students who will be in Year 7 in 2016 are eligible to apply for an academic entrance scholarship commencing from Year 8 in 2017. Registration for these scholarships must be completed online through the School website which provides a direct link through to the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER). A series of academic tests will be undertaken at our School on Saturday 6 February 2016 and further information regarding these scholarships can be downloaded from the website. Registrations will close on Thursday 21 January 2016.

Music Scholarships for 2017
Current and external students from Year 6 to Year 10 in 2016 are welcome to apply for a Music Scholarship, for commencement from 2017. The scholarship criteria and application details are available on the School website and applications will be accepted until Friday 12 February 2016. Successful applicants will be invited to attend an audition in late February.

Pipe Organ Scholarship for 2016
Girls entering Years 6-11 are invited to apply for the Pipe Organ Scholarship. No previous organ experience is required: however, the recipient must have achieved AMEB Piano Grade 5 or equivalent. The recipient will be a dedicated musician who is keen to develop advanced skills on the organ and play a significant role in the worship activities of the School, including weekly Chapel services and Eucharists.

Further details about all of the scholarships on offer are available at

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Holiday sports activities

Australian Sports Camps

Australian Sports Camps have run camps for over 30 years in sports such as football, netball, cricket, soccer, hockey, basketball, rugby union, rugby league and tennis, and are dedicated to providing the best sports coaching for boys and girls of all standards. Specialist coaches or guest professional sports stars attend daily to run specific skills sessions. Michael Slater attended an ASC Cricket Camp in his junior years and Mark Philippoussis attended a tennis camp, whilst many other players at the highest levels in many sports have attended an ASC camp, including James Hird and Harry Taylor in AFL.

Three-day sports camps are on offer for girls and boys aged 6-16 in cricket, netball, basketball, soccer, tennis, rugby union and AFL football.

> Download the flyer for details

Life Be In It: Come and Try

South Australian sporting and recreation bodies have come together to provide a coordinated program of Come ’n Try sessions for 5 to 16 year olds. Children can try a series of different sports in and around the centre of Adelaide in the first week of the summer school holidays from Monday 14 to Friday 18 December 2015.

This is a great initiative to get kids to try a new sport and to keep active in the school holidays. You can try a large range of sports; AFL, BMX, cricket, cycling, golf, hip hop dance, judo, korfball, life games, netball, rowing, soccer, taekwondo, tennis, and touch football.
If you would like more information you can visit

If you require any more information please contact Francesca Biello on 8362 2150.

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Sports Results

Basketball – Wednesday 11 November

Middle A – Saints 15 defeated by Pulteney 38
It was unfortunate that we couldn’t pull off a win for the last game of the year; however, it was a good, competitive game to finish on. The girls worked well as a team, sharing the ball in attack, continually backing each other up and providing passing opportunities. Isabella Bernardi and Sarah Matheson both provided drive down the court into attack, while Eleanor Anderson got some fantastic rebounds in both attack and defence. All players worked hard in defence, causing many turnovers. It was fantastic to see how the girls worked as a team and fought to the end. The girls should be proud of their improvement over the last five weeks; they have really gelled as a team. Vanessa Brooks (Coach).

Middle B – Saints 6 defeated by Pulteney 33
Last game of the year for Saints B basketball girls, and unfortunately it was another loss. There were, however, many positives about the game. Maddison Tilley-Brooks used her height all over the court this week; for pressure in defence, as a target for passing in attack, as well as getting many rebounds in both attack and defence. Zara Sadri was our highest scorer this week, scoring the majority of our goals, while Maddison Tilley-Brooks scored the other. Considering these girls came into the season with either very little or no playing experience, they have improved a huge amount over the last five weeks. They have listened to their coach’s feedback and never stopped trying. Vanessa Brooks (Staff Supervisor).

Junior Softball – Wednesday 11 November

Year 6 Blue – Saints 8 defeated by Walford 14
On our second journey to Walford in 3 weeks the Saints Girls got off to a steady start at bat. Aptly led by Captain Jodi (JP) Papendorf and Poppie Goldsmith with 2 home runs each, and singles to Siena Zito, Evangeline Peek-Basso, Ella Waltham and Sophie Kameniar, a decent enough score was laid down to defend but in the end Walford was too strong. Special mention to Sophie Kameniar who had a great all round game as pitcher, catcher and batter. Nick Maerschel and Ben Goldsmith (Coaches)

Year 6 White – Saints 2 defeated by Walford 8
This week the girls displayed a lot of team spirit throughout the game, cheering whenever they felt a member of the team needed some encouragement. This paid off and resulted with the pitchers getting some great strikes and a majority of the team batting really well. Both Stephanie Smalls and Kellie Bested should be commended for their excellent batting and catching. Lydia Smalls (Coach)

Year 4/5 Teeball – Saints 14 defeated Seymour 10
While a smaller margin than previous games, the TeeBallers were able to commit to teamwork and successfully win the game against strong competitor, Seymour. Well done to all the girls for working as a strong and united team, which ultimately paid off in the form of a win. Claire Hale (Coach)

Water Polo – Thursday 12 November

Open – Saints 3 defeated by Pembroke 11
An unfortunate last game for Saints coming up against tough competition. With Pembroke having some very strong players Saints tried hard to stay in the game. Some tough defence kept the score to a minimum and allowed Saints some counter attacks. Congratulations to best player, Shania Morgan, for saving some tricky shots in goal! Mirella Di Cesare (Captain)

Middle – Saints 14 defeated Pembroke 4
Great last match from the girls last week, especially by Kate, Alyssa and Anna who were in goals. The team’s skills have continued to improve over the term, making them much stronger than in the first term. New players who have only picked up the sport this term have grasped the game very quickly and we hope that they come back next year to play. Hannah Andrews (Coach)

Junior Tennis – Friday 13 November

Year 5 – Saints 0-6 defeated by Scotch 6-24
Singles: Primrose Robinson 1-4, Annabel Ryan 1-4, Chloe Venning 1-4, Georgia Langley 2-4

Junior Volleyball – Friday 13 November

Saints had a bye

Softball – Saturday 14 November

Open C – Saints 10 defeated by Concordia 21
Another tough game for the C Grade; however, improvements from the start of the term were visible. Lauren Porter and Layne Beveridge were the two pitchers for the game. It was Layne’s first attempt at pitching; she was very successful! This game marked the last of the semester. While there have been opponents who have been significantly stronger, the girls have tackled the challenges with grace and dignity. Well done to all the girls. Claire Hale (Coach)

Tennis – Saturday 14 November

Open A TennisOn the penultimate Saturday of the year, Saints A faced off against Walford who were chasing their 9th title in a row. After the doubles it was 1 set all with Tiana and Yasmin Glazbrook winning 6-4, while Jade Leyden and Olivia Teh went down 2-6. Watching the singles Saints were still providing tough opposition to Walford and there were many great rallies and winning points. Unfortunately, Walford were once again too strong, winning 3 of the 4 singles. Despite this, Saints has every reason to believe next year could be different with all players returning while Walford farewell 2 from their top team. In other matches Saints Bs finished with a convincing win against Pulteney to also finish runners-up for the year.

Open A – Saints 2-22 defeated by Walford 4-32
Yasmin GlazbrookSingles: Yasmin Glazbrook 6-4, Tiana Glazbrook 5-6 (6-8), Jade Leyden 1-6, Olivia Teh 2-6

Open B – Saints 6-36 defeated Pulteney 0-8
Singles: Zarnia Engel-Lewis 6-3, Olivia Harby 6-0, Emily Loh 6-0, Sophie Fry 6-1

Open C – Saints 6-36 defeated Pulteney 0-7
Singles: Sarah Richards 6-4, Clair Kao 6-0, Chelsea Staples 6-2, Neve McCormack 6-0

Open D – Saints 6-36 defeated Pulteney 0-6
Singles: Laura Sivewright 6-0, Georgina Thrower 6-2, Charlotte Gilroy 6-0, Olivia Wilkinson 6-4

Open E1 – Saints 0-9 defeated by Pembroke 6-36
Singles: Emma Auricht 2-6, Erica Reid 2-6, Rose Pittman 2-6, Annabelle Langley 2-6

Open E2 – Saints 2-21 defeated by Pembroke 4-27
Singles: Lola Dimond 2-6, Mahala Truscott 1-6, Sophie Auricht 4-6, Carla Lawrence 6-2

Open E3 – Saints 1-16 defeated by Pembroke 5-35
Singles: Krystina Dianos 6-5, Aya Shahin 2-6, Jemimah Simpson 2-6, Connie Wang 0-6

Intro A – Saints 2-18 defeated by Pembroke 4-29
Singles: Lilly Alexander 6-2, Renee Lawrence 0-6, Emily Downie 2-6, Amelia Eaton 1-6

Intro B – Saints 2-18 defeated by Pembroke 4-29
Singles: Stella Clark 6-3, Orla Clayton 3-6, Mia-Rose Taliangis 0-6

Volleyball – Saturday 14 November

Middle A – Saints 1 defeated by Pulteney 2
This week’s game was very close and the girls certainly put up some great competition. After losing the first two sets, the girls were determined to win the third. The girls ended up having a great win in the last set, 25-21. Everyone in the team displayed some great serves and excellent work at the net. Overall the girls played a great game and should be proud of their efforts! Well done! Ellana Welsby & Eliza Falconer (Coaches)

Middle B – Saints 2 defeated Pulteney 1 (25-27, 18-25, 25-9)
DSCN5395It was a fantastic start to the game, with heaps of energy and numerous set ups for three hits, which is a fantastic demonstration of our practice in training. It was a close first set, which we lost by just two points. Charlotte White played a stellar game, with great backup digs and consistent serving. Tahlia Towers also had some powerful spikes at net, while Ruby Bouhamdan showed some strong serves that landed deep in the court and were difficult for the opponents to get back. The third set showed another real improvement in the three-hit setup and everyone’s individual games, contributing to a convincing win. It was a great game to end with, and all players should be extremely proud of their work this year. Well done! Ellana Welsby and Eliza Falconer (Coaches)

Middle C – Saints 1 defeated by Walford 2 (26-24, 22-25, 17-25)
Taylor Beissel had some fantastic serves in this first set, scoring many points to start off the game. Zhijun (Amy) Li saved a few balls with some impressive work at the net, and Ebony Lohe demonstrated the difference that backing up team-mates makes. Unfortunately, the girls slipped from the even score and lost the last few points because of their loss of confidence and reduction in calling and moving. Sophia Di Matteo’s great game must also be mentioned; her energy was maintained throughout the sets, and she made numerous backups. It has been an absolute pleasure to coach the girls this season, and we are looking forward to seeing everyone back next year. Well done! Ellana Welsby and Eliza Falconer (Coaches)