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Please notify the Front Office by 9:30am via either of the following methods if your daughter(s) will be absent due to illness, or arrive to School late. If your daughter will arrive after 8:30am (due to an appointment, etc), please advise an approximate time of arrival and ask that she reports to the Front Office upon arrival.

Phone: 8334 2200
Text: 0428 601 957

Lost property

Unnamed lost property items are held at the Front Office. Please clearly label all items of clothing and personal effects.

Lost property from this term will be displayed outside Student Services during the last week of term. Please ask your daughter to check the table for any items she may have misplaced this term.

Parenting Ideas newsletter

In 2015, we have subscribed to ‘Parenting Ideas Schools’, founded by Michael Grose, to bring brief but well written and researched articles for parents to our Enews on a regular basis.

The editions now available are:

> Faces of independence
> Social media scripts

For further information, email School Counsellor Lyn Moseley.

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4. Browse the gallery and choose which photos you would like to purchase.

For order enquiries, please contact Focus School Portraits on 8389 9002.


Enews – Term 4, Week 1 2015

Issue no. 31 


From the Principal

JuliaShea_EnewsWelcome back to Term 4. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday. Mine, of course, was truly magnificent, sitting at the MCG on a glorious 30 degree day watching the mighty Hawks go back to back to back – securing the three-peat. I’m not even sure if such a noun exists but it will forever more be ensconced in the vocabulary of every diehard Hawthorn supporter.

The presentation of the cup after the game was an extremely important part of the day, a moment when determination was extolled, a moment in which hard work was appreciated, a moment where my heroes were celebrated and a moment where each of the players had that self-indulgent second in which he could pat himself on the back for a job well done.

Like a team, we are a community and our collective strength allows us to achieve more than each of us can do individually. Together we want to maximise our achievements and enable everyone to operate to the best of their abilities. It’s vital to celebrate success, to encourage all to be aspirational about their work and to recognise and reward excellence.

Traditionally, at a school that celebration comes at an end of year Speech Night. But if I’m brutally honest, I found the atmosphere at last year’s separate Middle and Senior School events to be a little flat. That buzz of excitement wasn’t there. The empty seats at the back of the Arts Centre suggested that you felt the same way.

This event should be the girls’ night. It’s about them. It’s about acknowledging their successes. It’s about acknowledging excellence not only in outcomes, but also in attitude and commitment.

So this year we’re changing things a little. Our Annual Presentation Night will be held on Wednesday 9 December, commencing at 7pm. In order to have everyone from Year 7 to Year 12 under the same roof we’re moving to the Adelaide Town Hall. This venue worked beautifully for Choral Night and the proximity to the restaurant precinct will allow families to socialise before and after the ceremony. We’d love to have some girls from the Junior School there as well and all of our House leaders, including those from Year 6, will be on stage as the House Shield is presented. Prizes will be accessible to all as we will recognise excellence across a number of areas, not only academic outcomes. Each and every girl should aspire to be presented on stage.

Presentation Night should be one of celebration. It should be an occasion when our girls’ talents are on display. In another change from previous years, we will not have a guest speaker. Our girls will be the stars of the show.

There will be videos and musical items from both the Middle and Senior Schools and following the presentations the evening will conclude with an amazing musical number that will involve all of the girls in our choirs and ensembles – a climax that will lift the roof off the Town Hall. It will be a night in which we farewell our amazing Year 12 girls and celebrate all that has made 2015 such a wonderful year.

I want genuine celebration. I want the buzz that I felt at the MCG to come alive in the Town Hall. And it will, if you and the girls genuinely want it to be that way. The evening is compulsory for all girls in Years 7-12. Parents and other members of the School community can reserve their seats, free of charge, via Trybooking. I hope there won’t be an empty seat in the house.

In staffing news, Liz Sandercock and Cassandra Moore have returned following their leave in Term 3. As I communicated over the holiday break, Anne Mitchell has announced her retirement after 18 years of outstanding service to Saints Girls. Olivia Coulter has returned to coordinate the library lessons in the Junior School so that Helen Smith can act in the Head of Junior School role. This role has been advertised nationally and I’m sure it will attract an outstanding field of applicants, given the exceptional reputation of our School.

In further staff updates, our Head of Mathematics, John Leydon, has also announced he will conclude his time with the School at the end of the year. Virginia Miller will also finish at the end of the year, after 15 years as Director of Admissions and International Student Welfare. Both John and Virginia are highly valued members of staff and we wish them all the best for the future.

Best wishes for a wonderful term – it’s hard to believe but there’s only 10 weeks until Christmas!

Julia Shea

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Student leadership team for 2016

Following an in-depth application process, we congratulate the following students on being selected as the Prefects and Leaders for 2016. They will be inducted next Wednesday at a special Chapel service.

Prefect Positions 2016

prefectsHead Prefect Georgina Sarah
Deputy Head Prefect Madison Bateman
Kennion House Captain Alexandra Murray
Kilburn House Captain Josephine Dalpra
Patteson House Captain Samantha Abeygunasekara
Selwyn House Captain Elise Schaedel
SRC Chairperson Megan Jenssen
Community Service Captains Ashleigh Jones and Mila Loechel
Chapel Captain Olivia Teh
Debating and Public Speaking Captain Kritika Mishra
Music Captain Amelia French
Sport Captain Anna Cross

Other Leadership Roles

Kennion Deputy House Captain Georgia Howe
Kilburn Deputy House Captain Sophie Schultz
Patteson Deputy House Captain Aya Shahin
Selwyn Deputy House Captain Georgia Naughton

Sports Captains

Athletics Anna Cross
Badminton Kritika Mishra and Alice Powell
Basketball Josephine Dalpra
Cross Country Anna Cross
Gymnastics Molly Ellis and Alice Petchey
Hockey Natasha Hammond
Lacrosse Portia Reppucci
Netball Josephine Dalpra and Madison Bateman
Rowing Josephine Dalpra (Captain) and Lara Khoury (Vice Captain)
Soccer Krystina Dianos
Softball Georgia Naughton
Swimming Elise Schaedel and Krista Ceplite
Tennis Olivia Teh
Volleyball Mila Loechel and Georgia Howe
Water Polo Mirella Di Cesare

Music Captains

Band Captain Amelia French
Head Chorister Chelsea McGuinness
Choristers Laura Bleby and Amelia French

Other Leadership positions

Library Captains Sarah Brownridge and Sophie-Louise Shearwood
Student Sacristan Elise Bassett
Student Support Leader Kritika Mishra and Megan Jenssen
Environment Club President Sophia Casanova Clarke
Chess Captain Glenda Hanson

I look forward to working closely with these girls as they lead the School in 2016.

Kerry Skinner
Deputy Principal and Head of Senior School

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Primary Maths Challenge success

We have just received word that the following students have achieved wonderful results in the 2015 Primary Maths Challenge:

Maya Hughes Reception ML State Winner
Evelyn Gautier 1LS and Bronwyn Gautier 4LM State Winner
Year 2KC and Year2SB State Winner
Marcella Tolley 3AK State Winner
Ishita Chellaboina 3AK Highly Commended
Devika Mukherjee 4LM Highly Commended
Madison Liddy 4RD Highly Commended
Emanuelle Russell 6CM State Winner

The girls will be presented with their awards at a special ceremony on Friday 16 October.

More details (and photos) to follow. Congratulations to all!

Cath Kelly
Reception-Year 6 Learning Strategies Teacher

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Counsellor’s Corner


Term 4 exams can be a challenging part of Senior School life for both students and parents. Exam anxiety can be experienced by many students, and is often identified through excessive worry about upcoming exams, a fear of being evaluated unfavourably, and an apprehension about exam consequences.

Fortunately, there are many ways for both the individual and family to help minimise such performance-related anxieties.

This week, we will look at some helpful lifestyle choices and study practices that can ease the pressure of exams. Next week, we will look at some psychological factors some students may experience – and how to combat them.

Students are welcome to contact myself or Mrs Lyn Moseley at any stage over the next few weeks.

Email: or
Telephone: +61 8 8334 2259

Tips for overcoming exam-related anxiety: Part 1

A lot of lifestyle choices will impact on our abilities in exams. Although the importance of many of these activities is already known to most people, our perennial inability to prioritise them warrants some attention here.

  • Sleep – It is recommended that adolescents get between eight and nine hours of sleep every night. Insufficient sleep will cut short the REM period which is the best part of sleep for learning – it’s when we process information.
  • Nutrition – The old saying, ‘you are what you eat’, has a lot of truth to it. Eating a balance of good foods will help you to function at your full potential and maintain a healthy weight. Breakfast should always been eaten and try not to snack on sugary, junk foods. Limit your intake of caffeine and remember to drink water throughout the day to stay hydrated and reduce headaches.
  • Exercise – ‘Stress’ chemicals like cortisol are reduced through exercise while ‘happy’ chemicals like endorphins, dopamine and serotonin are released into the brain with physical exercise. It is recommended that adolescents get outside for 30 mins a day during swot vac to aid in the reduction of stress and anxiety.

Study practices are another area that can help to reduce exam stress and anxiety. Many students are already aware of preparing well before an exam and the importance of time management, but did you know that some less well-known helpful practices include the following:

  • Rotate your study environments – If possible, identify 2 or 3 different locations which you can comfortably study in and rotate to rejuvenate your energy and keep feeling fresh and free from negative associations or emotions.
  • Procrastination – The ‘I can’t be bothered’ procrastinators can help themselves by developing a specific goal that they might have about their study; this can then lead to a greater commitment and personal investment in work. Alternatively, the ‘I feel so overwhelmed I don’t know what to do so I’ll default to Facebook’ procrastinators can be helped by either a significant other, teacher or tutor helping to unpack homework tasks and prioritise them into smaller, more manageable tasks. Procrastinators are also notoriously bad at predicting timeframes for completing tasks, so double-checking with another person could be a prudent move to estimating how long a task is expected to take.
  • Complete extra readings – If you have different and additional information from everyone else in your exams, then it is likely you will stand out and appear more knowledgeable (something your examiner will also appreciate after having to read 50 identical answers!)
  • Understand your past mistakes – Ask teachers why you lost marks specifically in earlier tests and assignments, and find out what the correct answer looks like.
  • Reward yourself – Because so many people view studying as a chore, it is human nature to want to avoid it. If, however, you find external motivators or rewards to help reinforce what you are doing, you may find yourself pleasantly surprised by your change in attitude towards your study. The goal is to find a reward that is small but real, and to stick to it, i.e. treating yourself to 30 mins of your favourite TV show if you read an extra chapter in a textbook. By setting these limits on your behaviour, you’re actually teaching yourself discipline, which will be a useful skill to have throughout life.
  • Practice tests – Complete at least two tests (open book) leading up to the exam, with at least one under test conditions.
  • Don’t stay up late to cram – this will only impair your ability to attend and concentrate, leaving you less alert. It is also recommended that you switch off all electronic devices (phones, PCs and iPads) at least 30 minutes before going to bed.
  • Day of the exam – Avoid people who catastrophise or FREAK OUT – Anxiety can be contagious! Also, it is an unhelpful behaviour to look at notes before you walk into the exam room.

Stay tuned for next week’s instalment, where we will look at some psychological factors students may experience and how these can be overcome. Feeling anxious is a normal human experience, but we need to learn how to practise mindfulness and intervene when too much anxiety becomes a problem.

Katherine Hunt
School Counsellor

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End of year events: a song list

With the variety of events coming up this term, we’re pleased to announce a few of the items that will be performed by our wonderful musicians and school ensembles.

I hope to see you at these events – and more – to celebrate the wonderful talent of our students.

Carols in the Cathedral – Tuesday 1 December

Junior Choir – A Festive Noel
Concert Choir and Orchestra – Mary, Did You Know
All choirs – Christmas Joy – On Christmas Night and Joy to the World
Chamber and Enchante – Gaudette
Chamber and Enchante – Shepherd Watch their Flocks
Orchestra – Christmas Festival
Senior Strings – Silent Night

Year 6 Graduation – Monday 7 December

Yrs 3/4/5 – The Spirit of Christmas
Yr 6 – We can Dream
Junior Choir – Safe and Sound
Solo item by Cheri Wong and Tiffany Zhou

Year 9 Graduation – Tuesday 8 December

Years 7/8/9 Percussion and Choirs – Go Tell It
Year 9 Recorder group – Carol of the Bell
An item by the Rock Band

Annual Presentation Night – Wednesday 9 December

Orchestra and Organ – Gloriana
Years 7/8/9 Percussion, Choirs and Strings – Go Tell It
Choirs, Orchestra and Rhythm Section – Here’s Where I Stand
Orchestra and Organ – Christmas Festival

Pieces by Enchanté, the Senior Strings and Concert Band

Sally Rounsevell
Director of Music

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Student performance

pianoMany congratulations to Lauren Pearce and Poppy Marshall who performed at the historic house of Hans Heysen, The Cedars (Hahndorf SA), in the presence of the highly acclaimed Oscar academy winning director, Scott Hicks, and Mr. Haigh (Haigh’s chocolates) last Sunday. Their teacher, Urszula Gruszewski, performed the previous week for a private and prestigious group of people.

It was history in the making as Helen Keller, Sir Edmund Hilary, Dame Nellie Melba, Ignaz Freidman, Anna Pavlova, Vivien Leigh, Sir Lawrence Olivier, Marcel Marceau, Barry Humphries etc. stayed and performed at Hans Heysen’s house.

Ursula Gruszewski
Piano Tutor

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Pipe Organ Scholarship

During this term we are introducing a new scholarship. Girls entering Years 6-11 are invited to apply for the Pipe Organ Scholarship. No previous organ experience is required: however, the recipient must have achieved AMEB Piano Grade 5 or equivalent.

The recipient will be a dedicated musician who is keen to develop advanced skills on the organ and play a significant role in the worship activities of the School, including weekly Chapel services and Eucharists.

Application details are available on our school website and auditions will be held in mid-November. For any further information, you are welcome to contact me via email or phone 8334 2215

Applications are also still open for the Year 8 Academic Scholarships and Music Scholarships for 2017. Details of all scholarships are available at

Virginia Miller
Director of Admissions

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Student exchange opportunities

John Steinbeck, Nobel Laureate in Literature, wrote: “No man really knows about other human beings. The best he can do is to suppose that they are like himself.”

Getting to know another person, especially one from a different culture, can be exciting, challenging, and has its unique benefits. Department of Education-registered and approved Southern Cross Cultural Exchange (since 1983) is providing such a unique experience to help your children and family learn through bridging cultures, grow closer with one another, understand one another better and see the world in a new light.

International exchange students from France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and the USA are arriving in Australia to live as a local with volunteer Australian families and attend a local secondary school. The students, aged 15 – 17, arrive from February 2016 for 3, 5, or 10 months and are fully insured, with their own pocket money. If you have a spare room or bed, and a place at the family table, why not be the ‘heart’ of cultural exchange by becoming a volunteer host family?

Expand your world for the whole family – all without any air tickets. Call S.C.C.E. now on 1800 500 501 or email or visit and ask for our incoming student profiles, choose the nationality you prefer, and start having fun matching up your hobbies and interests.

Capture the spirit of fun and friendship, and build your global cultural network. After all, it is different cultures that ‘make the world go ‘round’ at the end of the day.

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Join us for Christmas Drinks on the Lawns

Christmas drinks on the lawns Enews

All ELC to Year 12 parents are warmly invited to attend the inaugural Christmas Drinks on the Lawns event. Please join us to celebrate all the successes of 2015 and learn more about our exciting initiatives under way for 2016.

Christmas Drinks on the Lawns
5.30 – 7.30pm
Thursday 12 November 2015
Chiverton Lawns

Drinks and nibbles will be provided. Children are also welcome to attend.

To assist with catering, please RSVP at by Friday 6 November.

Enquiries can be directed to

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Friends of the Founders Morning Tea

FOF invitation Enews

Members of the School community are warmly invited to attend the Friends of the Founders Morning Tea on Wednesday 28 October commencing at 10am, which will include a ceremony to dedicate a plaque in memory of Kathleen Collins (nee Ewens, Patteson ’31) along the Old Scholars’ Memorial Avenue.

We hope you can join us.

Please RSVP to to assist with catering.

Megan McCormack (nee Walker, Kilburn ’86)
Old Scholar Liaison Officer

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Changes to Bus Service from Term 4

From the start of Term 4 2015 the School is changing the way the Bus Service is charged.

The simplified method will involve students being marked off on a roll for each trip. A physical ticket will no longer be required.

Parents may still take advantage of a reduced cost per trip by purchasing a Term Pass at $280 (approximately $2.80 per trip if the bus is caught to and from school every day). To order a Term Pass, please email the School Shop at or ask your daughter to visit the School Shop to arrange a charge to your account.

If bus families have already given authority to the School Shop to charge your account or credit card for a term ticket, you will be invoiced for a Term Pass for Term 4.

Alternatively, the daily one-way charge will be $5.50.

The School will now invoice parents for the Term Pass and the number of trips travelled, so there will no longer be the facility to purchase bus tickets from the School Shop.

If you have any queries about bus charges, please contact Sue Burnett, School Shop Manager, on 8334 2228 or by email to

For queries regarding bus routes and times, please contact Brian Caire, Bus Liaison Officer, on 0411 705 395 or by email to

Sue Burnett
School Shop Manager

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Peter Pan tickets now available

JS Production Enews

The annual Year 5 production is coming up very soon, at the end of Week 4 in Term 4. This year we mount the production, Peter Pan Junior.

This is a beautiful version of the story with familiar songs. Prepare to be dazzled this year by something ‘just a little bit different’. Parent costume makers and prop sourcers have been hard at work, the music staff have been revising the songs with the girls, Mr D has been creating wonderful choreography and I have been busy blocking scenes and designing the vision.

The girls have really taken this show on with great vigour and have been able to bring to life many funny and many poignant moments. Mums, bring tissues – the ‘Your Mother and Mine’ scene will make you sniffle!

Thank you to all who have contributed to the show so far and to our parent community for their ongoing support.

7pm, 5 and 6 November 2015
Arts Centre, St Peter’s Girls’ School
Adults $15, Concession $8, Family $35

Tickets are now available at

Shelley Hampton
Year 5 Teacher

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OSA Movie Afternoon

OSA Movie night Enews

The St Peter’s Girls’ School community is invited to an exclusive movie experience.

The highly anticipated movie release, Spectre, sees 007 at his best when a cryptic message from his past sends James Bond (Daniel Craig) on a quest to uncover a sinister organisation while M (Ralph Fiennes) battles political forces that want to shut down the British Secret Service.

Saturday 14 November 2015
Drinks from 3pm
Movie from 3.30pm
The Regal Theatre, 275 Kensington Road, Kensington Park SA
Tickets $25 per person – Includes champagne on arrival and chocolates

Tickets available at

For enquiries please contact me on 8334 2239 or

Megan McCormack (nee Walker, Kilburn ’86)
Old Scholar Liaison Officer

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St David’s Sew’n’Sews final sale

St David’s Sew’n’Sews wish to thank all who have faithfully supported their Annual Sale for so many years.

Regrettably, this year will see the final sale of work.

Wednesday 28 October 2015
9am – 12.30pm
496 Glynburn Road, Burnside

With a range of handmade goods available, including baby and toddler knitware and clothing, soft toys, tableware, hand towels and knee rugs

As well as a variety of jams and sauces and much more

Enjoy a cup of tea or coffee with some homemade biscuits, which is included in the admission charge of $4

Raffle and door prize – all proceeds are donated to charities.

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Sports News

Sports Awards

Sports Awards for Years 7-12 students and including Lacrosse will be held from 4pm until 6pm on Thursday 19 November in the Arts Centre. Guest speaker will be Natalie von Bertouch (Adelaide Thunderbirds and Australia). Further details will be out soon.

Sports Draws

Please note that all of the Term 4 Sports draws can also be found on the parent page of the School website at

Junior Softball/teeball
Junior Tennis
Junior Volleyball
Water Polo

Any changes and cancellations will be conveyed in advance via email and, where possible, directly to students.


In the school holidays Keeley Fahey competed in the National Clubs Gymnastics Carnival held in Bendigo. She won the Level 6 Women’s Trampoline Event.


hockey-regionalsNatasha Hammond (Year 11) recently played in the U18 regional hockey tournament and was awarded ‘player of the tournament’.

Natasha has been selected in the SA senior metro development athlete program commencing in November and the Hockey Australia U23’s Country development squad travelling to Malaysia, Sarawak, Borneo, Kedah, and Penang in January.


Following a full fitness program throughout the third term the Senior Rowing Squad looked forward to going on preseason camp in Murray Bridge during the school holidays. The three day camp enabled the girls to row in both fours and in an eight and the camp focussed on gaining the essential techniques needed to row sweep and made sure long kilometres were rowed. A big thank you to Olivia Compare, Grace Russell-Jarvie and Khandee Swaeney who filled in for the seniors who were absent.

Once the seniors had completed their camp, the intermediate and junior crews set out to complete theirs. Both intermediate and junior crews had a successful camp, with many new rowers enjoying their first camp experience. The season has officially begun and we look forward to the first regatta of the season. I look forward to seeing all crews’ hard work and commitment over the last term and the holidays on display in this regatta. Josephine Dalpra (Captain of Boats)


a-MourtziosAngela Mourtzios (Year 5) represented Macarthur Little League Majors at Greenies Cup held in Sydney during the October long weekend. With over 500 players this is the largest non-championship junior baseball tournament in Australia.

Playing six games in three days against Sydney clubs and representative teams, Angela had a 50% on base rate, 76% of pitches were strikes and she had a 91% fielding rate. From this performance Angela has been selected to play for NSW Country U13 Girls at the 2016 GFS – the largest girls’ baseball tournament in the southern hemisphere.


Congratulations to Year 7 students, Annabel Baldwinson, Emily Loh and Clair Kao, who have been selected in the East Adelaide SAPSASA team to play in the statewide Tennis Carnival from 2-6 November.

Water polo

Congratulations to Carys Jones (Year 10) who represented South Australia at the National Carnival in Perth over the holidays.

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