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Please notify the Front Office by 9:30am via either of the following methods if your daughter(s) will be absent due to illness, or arrive to School late. If your daughter will arrive after 8:30am (due to an appointment, etc), please advise an approximate time of arrival and ask that she reports to the Front Office upon arrival.

Phone: 8334 2200
Text: 0428 601 957

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Unnamed lost property items are held at the Front Office. Please clearly label all items of clothing and personal effects.

Lost property from this term will be displayed outside Student Services during the last week of term. Please ask your daughter to check the table for any items she may have misplaced this term.

Parenting Ideas newsletter

In 2015, we have subscribed to ‘Parenting Ideas Schools’, founded by Michael Grose, to bring brief but well written and researched articles for parents to our Enews on a regular basis.

The editions now available are:

Strong Relationships
> New Frontier

For further information, email School Counsellor Lyn Moseley.

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Enews – Term 3, Week 9 2015

Issue no. 29 


From the Deputy Principal/Head of Senior School

KerrySkinner_webLeadership spill? Or takeover? Don’t panic, Lucy Brown! You are still Head Prefect. Our 2015 Prefect team and leaders will soon willingly step aside and concentrate on their final examinations, so the 2016 leaders can take on the Prefect and Co-curricular leadership roles.

Over the last two weeks we have been in the midst of the Prefect selection process with our Year 11 students. The process is rigorous and I commend all students who had the courage to apply.

Students write an application against the criteria for eligibility for a Prefect position and they also comment explicitly on how their skills meet the job description of each role. Year 11 Home Group teachers shortlisted the students based on their written application, and the shortlisted students were then required to attend an interview. The panel consisted of two staff members who will work closely with the leaders in 2016. The interview process was completed this week and next week all panel members will meet to make the final decisions.

We have an inspiring cohort of Year 11 students entering Year 12 and, as always, placing the applicants in the appropriate Prefect role is neither easy nor made lightly. To be a Prefect does not mean that these are the only students that are leaders. In 2012 Forbes stated that the top ten qualities aligned with leaders are those who have “the ability to delegate, communicate; they are confident, committed, creative, honest; they have a positive attitude, are intuitive, and have the ability to inspire.” These skills are not simply associated with leaders, but are evident in all Saints graduates. I say to the Year 11 students that even if you are not formally recognised as a Prefect you will be a graduate with leadership skills that will equip you to take on the world!

All applicants will be notified of the final decisions next Friday and the Prefect team will be announced to the School at our first assembly on Day 1, Term 4.

I also take this opportunity to acknowledge the strong contingent heading to Cambodia at the end of this year to build a house and work in an orphanage. The girls’ willingness to serve and actively work and make a difference in the life of others is inspiring. This year we have 13 students and two staff joining with PAC to embark on this venture. To support the team, fundraising is required so the goods required to construct the house can be purchased. To this end, there will be a casual day on Friday 25 September. The funds raised will go to Habitat for Humanity. I encourage students to be mindful of what they wear, so they can still participate in all lessons on that day.

Optional summer uniform next week

With the warmer weather, students will be able to wear summer uniform in Week 10 this term if desired.

Students who wish to remain in winter uniform for the final week of term may do so.

Kerry Skinner

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Outstanding results for SUBS in School class


The Year 10 SUBS in School class have throughout the year worked on designing and building a radio remote-controlled submarine model prototype and last week competed in the SUBS in Schools Technology Challenge (South Australia State Final). This Challenge is an initiative of the Re-Engineering Australia Foundation to inspire, equip and guide the younger generation to embrace world-best technology through promotion of STEM programs.

ATHENA with team members, Fiona Dawson, Grace Dawson, Emily Keough and Sophie-Louise Shearwood, commenced Day 1 of the competition on Tuesday 8 September with a tour of the ASC submarine facility at Osborne. Later in the morning all teams moved to the Aquatic Centre at Prince Alfred College for students to begin sea trials. The girls found that when water is mixed with electronics, mechanical parts and radio controls, anything can happen. With the help of mentor engineers from SAAB Australian and ASC, the girls were able to rebuild, resolder and refit their model. Throughout the day the girls worked tirelessly to ensure that their submarine model was able to manoeuvre and move through the waters.

Day 2 saw the competition move to the Royal Adelaide Show Grounds where the team had a trade booth set up in the Advanced Technology Centre and they had an opportunity to interact with Show visitors. The team had to attend a series of judging events during the day, starting with a Verbal Presentation before presenting their CAD (Computer Aided Design) work, and then CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) work to a panel of Defence and Engineering judges. After lunch the team’s 20-page Portfolio and Marketing strategies were judged, followed by their application of the Design Process and Project Management.

In total, there were 10 criteria that were judged throughout the competition. ATHENA was awarded:

  • Best Industry Collaboration
  • Best Verbal Presentation
  • Best Managed Enterprise
  • Best Portfolio

The team came first in South Australia and were judged the Most Successful School in Technology 2015 by the Adelaide Show and hence have secured an invitation to the National Finals in Brisbane. Images of the development of the model and the event can be viewed at the Team’s facebook page which was developed as part of their marketing portfolio:

Barbara Hender
Head of Technology

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Highlights from the English Faculty

Every day presents an exciting opportunity in an English classroom. The English Faculty has provided a few highlights to show the variety of activities and programs happening this term.

Year 7
In Year 7 this term we started out with oral presentations. We had some very creative speeches on various topics, from dinosaurs escaping from captivity – Jurassic Park style – to robot teachers whose sole purpose is to locate students who will later become criminals and remove them from school. We even had a few girls win Oscars and give an acceptance speech! Our second main focus this term has been studying the Disney/Pixar film, Up. We have learnt about camera angles, shots and movement and what the choices behind them can show about characters and plot, and have discussed the effects of lighting, colour, sound and music in film. This will be a great foundational point to expand on during the film study unit in Year 8 English. – Alex McKay

Year 8
Pull back the layers and there’s a lot happening. The thin, translucent skin containing all the learning. 8JMA, for instance. Busy reading about Mahtab’s journey (on the back of a truck) through Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. Roadblock, two taps from the cab, which means keep quiet. Mahtab and her brother and sister hear voices. The girls of teacher-controlled JMA want to know what it’s like hiding, your life at stake, so we crowd into the corner of the room, squeeze in, count down from a hundred. Ssh! Sarah says, “Any sound could mean your life.” It’s difficult, of course, and Hannah starts giggling. Nonetheless, we survive the roadblock and return to the book, and peel back another layer. We discuss what it’s like living in Afghanistan, circa 2001. No school for girls, no television, no music, no fun! We discover that by reading we gain a context for our lives, what’s important. Finally, we’re down to the flower bud. The bit that matters – that tastes best. We’ve connected with a book. Everyone wants to know what happens next. Too late! All this peeling has brought on tears for Mahtab. We’ll try again tomorrow. – Stephen Orr

Year 9
In Year 9 English the students have been encouraged to face their fears during our study of the deeply moving and profound visual novel, A Monster Calls, by Patrick Ness. In addition to writing an essay, students were assigned the task of creating their own monster narrative and, in doing so, were invited to confront and think about some of their own irrational fears. Following our study of this poignant text, we moved on to exploring the short story text type in general. Through popular classics such as Shirley Jackson’s The Lottery and Poe’s The Tell-Tale Heart, we explored how language techniques allow us to create meaning from, and connect with, texts on an emotional level. – Jamie Pantsaras

Year 10
In anticipation of the changes to come in the SACE curriculum in the next two years, the Year 10 students have recently worked on a task that will mimic an approach to creative writing in the new English Literary Studies course (to be implemented in 2017). The Poetry Transformation Task required the students to choose one poem that had been studied as a class and transform it into a text of a different type, the choice of which was endless and creatively exciting. Through this assignment students were able to imaginatively display their understanding of the ideas and stylistic features of the original poem, and demonstrate their skills of application in creating a new text from the old. The girls ran with it, producing innovative and engaging work: some wrote fairy-tales developed from the concepts in a Dawe poem, some made cornflake boxes complete with recipes and ‘nutritional information’, some used social media texts to recreate the voices of characters, some filmed television commercials, and others wrote reports, eulogies, letters, interviews and children’s books! The outcomes were varied, inventive and intelligent…and revealed that our girls will be more than ready to embrace the changes to come in the re-worked SACE English curricula. – Michael Butler-Wills

Year 10 IB
Year 10 IB English has begun at a cracking pace as we endeavour to cover three texts over fifteen weeks. We began by reading Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, her only published work until, coincidentally, the week we began studying it! We discussed that when exploring literature, each reader interprets the narrative through his or her own lens of experience and belief. We overlay our understanding of prejudice in our society with Mockingbird’s 1930s context. The focus of IB English so far has been to read these texts with two perspectives in mind: ours and the author’s. Therefore, we began our study with an oral presentation, researching the historical period of Harper Lee’s masterpiece. One group decided to delve into racial segregation and Black Crow laws. As I sat at the back, ready to critique their research, I was told that I, like only half the class, would be given a chocolate frog and allowed to sit comfortably on my chair for the duration of the speech. The other half of the class were made to stand and go hungry while we savoured our delicious treats. For a brief moment, the girls had created a divide, a microcosmic version of segregation before our world moved towards racial equality. They pointed out that while we cannot truly understand the motivation of the characters in a novel set 85 years ago, we can attempt to apply what we do know in order to heighten our understanding of literature. – Sarah English

Michael Butler-Wills
Head of English

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2016 Scholarship information and registration details are now available at

Year 8 Academic Scholarship for Entry 2017
Students who will be in Year 7 in 2016 are eligible to apply for an academic entrance scholarship commencing from Year 8 in 2017. Registration for these scholarships must be completed online through the School website which provides a direct link through to the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER). A series of academic tests will be undertaken at our School on Saturday 6 February 2016 and further information regarding these scholarships can be downloaded from the website. Registrations will close on Thursday 21 January 2016.

Music Scholarships for 2017
Current and external students from Year 6 to Year 10 in 2016 are welcome to apply for a Music Scholarship, for commencement from 2017. The scholarship criteria and application details are available on the School website and applications will be accepted until Friday 12 February 2016. Successful applicants will be invited to attend an audition in late February.

Should you have any questions in relation to these scholarships please do not hesitate to contact me and I will be happy to assist.

Virginia Miller
Director of Admissions & International Student Welfare

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Mary Magdalene Centre Coordinator needed

For over 20 years St Peter’s Girls’ School has provided food for the Mary Magdalene ‘Drop-In Centre’. A wonderful group of volunteers (the Collective of St Mary Magdalene) provide food at the ‘Drop-In Centre’ on weekends for people who are unable to provide a nourishing meal due to ill health or lack of resources. Food is provided every Saturday evening during the year, except for January.

Former Principal, Doug Stott, and his wife, Adrienne, have coordinated the three nights for the year St Peter’s Girls has provided food and helpers at the Centre. However, after years of devoted service they are retiring and to continue the good work we are looking for someone to take over this coordination position.

The food collection is coordinated here at the school but what is required is the:

  • Collection of food from the school
  • Delivery of food to the Centre by 4pm
  • Coordinating a group of helpers (8) to help with the preparation of food/serving /cleaning up etc.
  • Purchasing dessert for patrons from money collected at school
  • Finishing at approx. 8 pm.

The next night we are rostered on at the Centre is Saturday November 14 and if we have someone who might be interested, Doug and Adrienne are happy to hand over and show the person/s what is required.

If this sounds like something you may be interested in, you can contact me here at school on or ph 83342243.

Karen Alderson
Careers Counsellor

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Get your Golden Ticket ‘NAO’!


This term, St Peter’s Girls has been trialling ‘Thomas’ the NAO Humanoid Robot with some of our ELC and Junior School students. The impact and outcomes for both students and staff has been remarkable, and as a result the School would like to purchase a NAO Humanoid Robot to incorporate into the curriculum.

The P&F fully supports this opportunity to be at the cutting-edge of robotic technology in schools, and all funds raised from the Golden Ticket Raffle will go towards the purchase of the School’s own NAO Humanoid Robot.

Buy a Golden Ticket, and not only could you win $15,000 off your daughter’s School fees, but you’ll be bringing a robot like Thomas into the School for the benefit of all students.

Go to to get your ticket today!

Be quick – ticket sales must end on Wednesday.

Thanks for your support. Enquiries can be directed to the Development Office at

Lottery Licence No. M12992

Ed Parker
P&F President


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Junior School House Music Eisteddfod

JS house music eisteddfod Enews

The Junior School House Music Eisteddfod is on next Wednesday 23 September in the Arts Centre; Reception to Year 3 in Lessons 3 and 4 (11:15 – 12:45) and Year 4 to 6 in Lessons 5 and 6 (1:50 – 3:30). We encourage all students who are currently learning an instrument to compete and gain points for their House. Parents are welcome to attend and support our musicians. Performance forms can be attained from the Arts Office and must be filled out and returned by lunch time on Monday. An accompanist will be available or girls are welcome to supply a backing track.

Sally Rounsevell
Director of Music

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Year 12 results release date

Students completing SACE subjects this year will be able to access their results on the SACE website from 8.30am on Tuesday 15 December.

The SACE Board is making online results available online two days earlier this year, to provide more time for students, families, and schools to access any necessary support and clarification prior to Christmas.

This means that results will be available online prior to the distribution of printed certificates and other documents, which will arrive later the same week.

Many students – especially Year 12s – will want to view their results quickly on 15 December. To ensure all students can access their results on the day they are released, students should check as soon as possible that they can log in to Students Online via the link on the SACE website.

Login requires a SACE registration number and PIN. Registration numbers comprise six numbers and a capital letter (e.g. 123456A). If students are unaware of their SACE registration number, please see the SACE Coordinator at School.

Once students have successfully logged in, they should visit the Personal Information section and check their postal address is correct, to ensure results are also received in the mail.

Students needing further assistance logging in can email the SACE Board Service Desk at or call 8372 7412.

Meredith Beck
Director of Teaching & Learning

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Changes to Bus Service from Term 4

From the start of Term 4 2015 the School is changing the way the Bus Service is charged.

The simplified method will involve students being marked off on a roll for each trip. A physical ticket will no longer be required.

Parents may still take advantage of a reduced cost per trip by purchasing a Term Pass at $280 (approximately $2.80 per trip if the bus is caught to and from school every day). To order a Term Pass, please email the School Shop at or ask your daughter to visit the School Shop to arrange a charge to your account.

If bus families have already given authority to the School Shop to charge your account or credit card for a term ticket, you will be invoiced for a Term Pass for Term 4.

Alternatively, the daily one-way charge will be $5.50.

The School will now invoice parents for the Term Pass and the number of trips travelled, so there will no longer be the facility to purchase bus tickets from the School Shop.

If you have any queries about bus charges, please contact Sue Burnett, School Shop Manager, on 8334 2228 or by email to

For queries regarding bus routes and times, please contact Brian Caire, Bus Liaison Officer, on 0411 705 395 or by email to

Sue Burnett
School Shop Manager

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Junior School Banking

Congratulations to all of our St Girls School Bankers; you have raised over $1800 dollars for your school since we commenced School Banking in May 2013.

Another great achievement is that we now have over 100 bankers at Saints Girls! If you would like to be a part of the program and help fundraise for your school, simply ask for an application pack from Lesley or Sarah in the front office.

Remember – School Banking Day is each Wednesday.

Bring your Dollarmite wallet to school and place it in your grey classroom satchel.

Following the decision last month to recall the Cosmic Light Beam Torch due to a potential safety issue, a decision has been made to also withdraw the upcoming Lunar Light Band reward from the School Banking Rewards Program.

To avoid disappointment there is a new reward item available for redemption in Term 4 while stocks last. Students can now test their skills with a game of frisbee with the new Galaxy Glider!

Once students have collected 10 tokens, they can simply include a note, along with their 10 tokens, in their deposit wallet on banking day to advise that they would like to redeem their tokens for the Galaxy Glider reward item.

Don’t forget the Outer Space Savers Money Box is also available in Term 4.

Concerns have been raised regarding the ‘Cosmic Light Beam Torch’ reward item due to the inclusion of four button batteries that can be accessed by unscrewing the back of the torch.

Whilst this reward has been independently tested and deemed to meet relevant product standards, the Commonwealth Bank has made the decision to proactively withdraw this item from the School Banking Rewards Program.

Parents/Guardians are requested to dispose of any ‘Cosmic Light Beam Torches’ their child may have already received as part of the Rewards Program. Students who have previously received a ‘Cosmic Light Beam Torch’ are welcome to redeem an alternative reward item.

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Junior School Vacation Care

JS Vacation Care Enews

The next instalment of our Vacation Care program is coming up in the school holidays. Children from the wider community are also warmly welcome to attend any of the activities.

There is a range of enriching activities on offer for girls and boys.

Families must pre-book the days they would like their child to attend Vacation Care. Your child can attend as little or as much as needed and days can be selected to suit your schedule and commitments. Children can attend for a full day or just half a day.

> Week 1: Monday 28 September to Friday 2 October
> Week 2: Tuesday 6 October to Friday 9 October

Junior School program
Join us for a day at the movies, a trip to Farm Barn or create your own pizza masterpiece. We’ll also have a disco, make our own chocolate factory and paint a spring-inspired canvas. Whatever the choice, children can enjoy a range of planned play and leisure experiences, practise social skills and solve problems in a safe and relaxed atmosphere.

> Junior School Vacation Care program
> Junior School Vacation Care booking form
> Student Registration Form
> OSHC Policy and procedure brochure

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See you at City to Bay


If you plan to run the City to Bay this year, please come and visit the P&F marquee in the after-race village on Wigley Reserve. We’ll be set up on the end of the row, at site 31. See the map for details.

The marquee will be a meeting point for all students, parents and friends who have participated or supported those participating in the race.

We will be serving some food and drinks as well as providing a massage bench to help soothe weary legs.

Come along, grab a bite to eat, meet fellow St Peter’s Girls people after the race, swap stories and enjoy reflecting on your achievement.

Ed Parker
P&F Association President

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OSA Movie Afternoon

OSA Movie night Enews

The St Peter’s Girls’ School community is invited to an exclusive movie experience.

The highly anticipated movie release, Spectre, sees 007 at his best when a cryptic message from his past sends James Bond (Daniel Craig) on a quest to uncover a sinister organisation while M (Ralph Fiennes) battles political forces that want to shut down the British Secret Service.

Saturday 14 November 2015
Drinks from 3pm
Movie from 3.30pm
The Regal Theatre, 275 Kensington Road, Kensington Park SA
Tickets $25 per person – Includes champagne on arrival and chocolates

Tickets available at

For enquiries please contact me on 8334 2239 or

Megan McCormack (nee Walker, Kilburn ’86)
Development Officer (Old Scholar Liaison)

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Year 12 Trial exams

The Trial exam timetable for Year 12 students can now be accessed here:

> Download the timetable

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School Shop update

Please contact the School Shop on 8334 2228 to arrange an appointment for a summer uniform for your daughter.

The School Shop will be open in the first week of the holidays on Thursday 1 and Friday 2 October, from 10am-3pm. The shop will be closed during the second week of the holidays.

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Peter Pan tickets now available

JS Production Enews

The annual Year 5 production is coming up very soon, at the end of Week 4 in Term 4. This year we mount the production, Peter Pan Junior.

This is a beautiful version of the story with familiar songs. Prepare to be dazzled this year by something ‘just a little bit different’. Parent costume makers and prop sourcers have been hard at work, the music staff have been revising the songs with the girls, Mr D has been creating wonderful choreography and I have been busy blocking scenes and designing the vision.

The girls have really taken this show on with great vigour and have been able to bring to life many funny and many poignant moments. Mums, bring tissues – the ‘Your Mother and Mine’ scene will make you sniffle!

Thank you to all who have contributed to the show so far and to our parent community for their ongoing support.

7pm, 5 and 6 November 2015
Arts Centre, St Peter’s Girls’ School
Adults $15, Concession $8, Family $35

Tickets are now available at

Shelley Hampton
Year 5 Teacher

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Rowing season launch barbecue: Join us for a great night


The 2015/2016 season of Rowing at St Peter’s Girls’ School has commenced. We are excited to get the season underway and are looking forward to a range of new initiatives this year.

All members of the School community are welcome to join us in officially launching the season and meet other rowing families and coaches. We’ll be enjoying a fantastic barbecue together on Chiverton Lawns on Friday 16 October (first week back next term).

Presented by the Friends of Rowing, the evening includes season opening remarks from Principal and Saints Rowing Patron, Julia Shea, and the announcement of the 2015/16 Captain of Boats. This family fun night is open to the whole School community and includes raffle and lucky door prizes so bring your Trybooking ticket to enter.

6pm, Friday 16 October 2015
Chiverton Lawns

$20 per adult
$15 per rower and children
(includes Yiros, soft drinks & nibbles)

Bubbly, white & red wine, and beer will be available for purchase

To book your tickets, visit

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Sports Results

Training schedule for Term 4

Training times for summer sports are now available.

Please ensure your daughter is available for training sessions and matches.

> Download the training schedule

SAPSASA Athletics

Congratulations to the following students who have been selected to represent East Adelaide in the State Metropolitan Athletics day:

Emily Baldwinson – U/10 200m
Portia Maerschel – U/11 100m, 200m, long jump and relay
Efua Yawson – U/11 relay
Ruth Oliver – U/11 800m
Sophie Barr – U/12 shot put, discus and relay
Harriet Maerschel – U/13 800m
Millisent Wilkin – U/13 100m, 200m and relay
Olufunto Komolafe – U/13 relay

Junior Basketball – Wednesday 9 September

Year 6 Blue – Saints 23 defeated Walford Blue 13
Our girls continued on their winning streak, completing 4 wins in a row. We started very well with excellent communication and passing, although we slowed down as our girls tired in the second half. We missed our consistent shooter, Harriett Gilroy, due to an injury, but her place was filled in the team by Ella Waltham whose height was advantageous. In a hard fought contest we managed to hold off a fast finishing Walford team to record a comprehensive victory. The girls continue to improve and gather more understanding of team play and group dynamics. Well done, girls, on a complete TEAM EFFORT. Darren Berry (Coach)

Year 6 White – Saints 8 defeated by Walford Gold 40
With a player down, the girls battled the many fast break goals by the opposition. The score just didn’t go our way, with lots of shooting opportunities simply rolling around the ring! Player of the week was Georgina Devine who week after week has improved, and during the game was involved in many of the attacking opportunities. Tammy Flannagan (Coach)

Year 5 – Saints 18 defeated by Pembroke 31
A tough game for the girls against very strong competition. It was pleasing to see the girls give it their all and minimise the score line in the second half. A special mention goes to Annabelle Bradshaw for her excellent layups and shooting accuracy. Josephine Dalpra and Ella Robinson (Coaches)

Junior Netball – Wednesday 9 September

Year 4 Blue – Saints 11 defeated Walford Gold 5
The girls played an excellent game, working hard to get another win. There has been a clear and amazing improvement in each of their skills, which has enabled them to play better as a team. The girls try hard at trainings by perfecting skills to be used in games, such as dodging and getting in front of opposing players; this has been a challenge for the girls, but they have worked on it really well and used it in games. Chloe Porter did a great job in both attack and defence, gaining us multiple turnovers. Olivia Downie has really improved throughout her first season of netball and played a great game by scoring a few goals and working well in the circle. Each girl should be proud of her individual and team efforts and as a coach I am very happy with how they have been playing. Georgia Naughton (Assistant Coach)

Year 3 – Saints 4 defeated Pembroke Green 2
The Year 3s played an exceptional game, with their passing clearly improving. Stand out players were Florence Russell and Scarlett Dillon who demonstrated great defensive skills. Well done to the team on their win. By Sue Jones and Rachel Kameniar (Coaches)

Junior Soccer – Friday 11 September

Year 6 Blue – Saints did not play

Year 6 White – Saints 3 defeated Wilderness 1
The girls played a great team game from the first whistle. Poppie Goldsmith scored 2 great individual goals and Emanuelle Russell scored her first goal of the season and the whole team celebrated her goal with her. The playing conditions were warm but the girls did not get affected by it, recording a very good win. Charlie Capegreco (Coach)

Year 6 Silver – Saints did not play

Year 4/5 – Saints 1 defeated Wilderness 0
A fantastic result and great performance by everyone who played. It was a tough game with the only goal being scored in the first half, although we had many other chances to increase the advantage. The girls defended tremendously to ensure that the opposition didn’t get close to the goals, which resulted in the goalkeeper getting minimal touches during the game. Thanks to Florence and Georgia for going in goals and thanks to the girls for performing well against strong opposition. Vincent Talladira (Coach)

Lacrosse – Saturday 12 September

Under 13 Division 1 – Saints 12 defeated Wilderness 11
Izzy NormanThe atmosphere at the East Torrens/Payneham Lacrosse Club was great and the girls wanted to give everything they had to win the preliminary final. The game started off very well with Millisent Wilkin (Year 7) in centre, winning almost every centre. Abigail Lisle (Year 7) and Harriet Maerschel (Year 7) were around the circle and worked very hard to get the ground balls. Kate Reade (Year 7) and Scarlett Hocking (Year 7) did a great job in defence by going to the player with the ball and stopping the opposition’s attackers from shooting. At half-time the girls were up by one goal and had to keep the hard work up to win. Chelsea Walls (Year 7) shot all of her goals with aggression and never gave up, no matter how tough the opposition’s defenders were. In the final minutes of the game the girls were one up and thankfully Isabelle Norman (Year 7) saved the most important goal of the game. Goal scorers were Harriet Maerschel, Ruth Oliver (Year 6) and Chelsea Walls. Well done to all of the girls as they played extremely well, and good luck for the finals. Lucy Martin (Captain)

Under 13 Division 2 – Saints 8 defeated by Brighton 9
Ruth OliverIt was perfect weather for lacrosse and the girls began the match with enthusiasm. Portia Maerschel (Year 6) began the game in centre and won possession of the ball a majority of the time, giving Saints an advantage early on in the game. In attack, Ruth Oliver (Year 6) and Fiona Lethbridge (Year 7) continued to look for opportunities to shoot at the goal. At half-time the girls were down by one goal and needed to work on getting away from their defenders. Charlie Miller (Year 7) was in defence and tried her hardest at getting the ball when it was on the ground, creating several turnovers. In mid-field Stephanie Smalls (Year 6) worked very hard in order to transition the ball from defence into attack. Unfortunately, the girls lost by one goal but they all played tremendously well. Goal scorers were Portia Maerschel, Ruth Oliver and Stephanie Smalls. The best player was Portia Maerschel for working hard throughout the whole match and never giving up. Lucy Martin (Captain)