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Please notify the Front Office by 9:30am via either of the following methods if your daughter(s) will be absent due to illness, or arrive to School late. If your daughter will arrive after 8:30am (due to an appointment, etc), please advise an approximate time of arrival and ask that she reports to the Front Office upon arrival.

Phone: 8334 2200
Text: 0428 601 957

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Unnamed lost property items are held at the Front Office. Please clearly label all items of clothing and personal effects.

Lost property from this term will be displayed outside Student Services during the last week of term. Please ask your daughter to check the table for any items she may have misplaced this term.

Parenting Ideas newsletter

In 2015, we have subscribed to ‘Parenting Ideas Schools’, founded by Michael Grose, to bring brief but well written and researched articles for parents to our Enews on a regular basis.

The editions now available are:

Strong Relationships
> New Frontier

For further information, email School Counsellor Lyn Moseley.

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Enews – Term 3, Week 8 2015

Issue no. 28 


From the Director of Early Learning

Connecting with Thomas the Robot: our ELC experience

Kate-MountWe are inspired at St Peter’s Girls on a daily basis to challenge our thinking. We have embraced this concept using Thomas the robot as a provocation. To begin with, the educators needed to consider their point of view and understanding of robotics and having Thomas, a humanoid robot, as a key element of their teaching program for Term 3. Upon research, we discovered that robots were used in other parts of the world to teach students about coding, but not with very young children. Our work has been ground-breaking as we have embraced a new technology, working with it as creators and manipulators. Coding has become a new literacy for us! The application to have Thomas was successful and we were fortunate enough to receive a grant to have him for eight weeks, sharing him with Reception and Year 3.

We were originally surprised by the children’s reactions to Thomas so had to work on his inclusion into the group. We witnessed some sincere and special connections made between the children and Thomas as they began to view him as one of them. Thomas’ photo appeared on the class board, he began to receive gifts from the children, special handmade pictures and letters, and was soon one of the group. He joined in fruit time and group times, gaining the trust and understanding from the children. As educators we recognised that the real learning could not occur until the children had developed this relationship with him.

The educators recognised that Thomas also became a social connector for other children; he provided them with opportunities to have a voice in a group, a communicator to the children and an enabler of communication. The children realised that the language they used needed to be slow and clear to gain a response from Thomas. We were surprised by the depth of social benefit that was taking place in the 4 year old room.

As we continued to deeply engage the children in small group work with Thomas we were made aware of the new literacies Thomas was bringing to the group. The children established the language that they used with Thomas and about Thomas, expansive vocabulary and explicit explanations about how he worked, why he did what he was doing and how we could program him. Without providing children with the answers, we provoked their thinking, using the small groups to enable the co-construction of knowledge, expanding first level thinking to much more higher order thinking. Our new literacy was emerging – the literacy of coding. This new literacy became one that enabled the children to explain how Thomas knew what to do. They were also able to use symbols to represent the messages.

The benefits of having a robot in the room surpassed our expectations; as we learnt together with the children and educators the level of learning that was taking place excited us. It certainly differed from what has been portrayed about robots as a social construct. We believe that we have embraced the technology giving our future generation the opportunity to understand the beginning of coding and to see robots as a critical part of the world in which we live, now and in the future. Working with such young children and viewing them as critical and creative thinkers, we have paved a new learning pathway in the ELC, which will be called Robotics. The exciting thing about this is that we are our own authors of this chapter in the curriculum handbook.

Kate Mount
ELC Director

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Year 12 results release date

Students completing SACE subjects this year will be able to access their results on the SACE website from 8.30am on Tuesday 15 December.

The SACE Board is making online results available online two days earlier this year, to provide more time for students, families, and schools to access any necessary support and clarification prior to Christmas.

This means that results will be available online prior to the distribution of printed certificates and other documents, which will arrive later the same week.

Many students – especially Year 12s – will want to view their results quickly on 15 December. To ensure all students can access their results on the day they are released, students should check as soon as possible that they can log in to Students Online via the link on the SACE website.

Login requires a SACE registration number and PIN. Registration numbers comprise six numbers and a capital letter (e.g. 123456A). If students are unaware of their SACE registration number, please see the SACE Coordinator at School.

Once students have successfully logged in, they should visit the Personal Information section and check their postal address is correct, to ensure results are also received in the mail.

Students needing further assistance logging in can email the SACE Board Service Desk at or call 8372 7412.

Meredith Beck
Director of Teaching & Learning

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Changes to Bus Service from Term 4

From the start of Term 4 2015 the School is changing the way the Bus Service is charged.

The simplified method will involve students being marked off on a roll for each trip. A physical ticket will no longer be required.

Parents may still take advantage of a reduced cost per trip by purchasing a Term Pass at $280 (approximately $2.80 per trip if the bus is caught to and from school every day). To order a Term Pass, please email the School Shop at or ask your daughter to visit the School Shop to arrange a charge to your account.

If bus families have already given authority to the School Shop to charge your account or credit card for a term ticket, you will be invoiced for a Term Pass for Term 4.

Alternatively, the daily one-way charge will be $5.50.

The School will now invoice parents for the Term Pass and the number of trips travelled, so there will no longer be the facility to purchase bus tickets from the School Shop.

If you have any queries about bus charges, please contact Sue Burnett, School Shop Manager, on 8334 2228 or by email to

For queries regarding bus routes and times, please contact Brian Caire, Bus Liaison Officer, on 0411 705 395 or by email to

Sue Burnett
School Shop Manager

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IB Matters

No matter what program a Year 12 student is studying, Term 3 poses a number of challenges. Currently, our IB Diploma students are finalising the last of their internal assessment tasks and edging closer to their November examination session. Like most journeys, there have been crests and troughs, but the end is finally in sight.

During the term, Extended Essays, Theory of Knowledge essays and Language A and B written assignments have been uploaded and are currently being marked, online, by examiners across the globe. Courses are concluding and practice papers are the ‘new’ formative assessment task.

In the next few weeks, self-management skills and strategies (particularly those that promote and build physical and emotional resilience) are critical. To perform as well as they can in the examinations the girls should continue to work in partnership with their teachers, welcome the support of their families, seek help if time management or organisation is still proving a challenge, avoid the distraction of social media, limit their social life (there will be months after the exams to have fun) and get enough sleep. A self–disciplined approach to active study during the break and in the three weeks leading up to the examinations in Term 4 is the key to their performance.

The September break is the perfect opportunity for focussed, systematic and successful revision. To make the most of this time, students are encouraged to think of each day of the break as a day at work. Just like a job, they need to be prepared and have a routine. An Exam Preparation or Study Timetable (based on 5 or 6 days of work each week) divided into morning, afternoon and evening, with one or two study sessions planned for each part of the day is vital. This timetable should include scheduled breaks for meals, exercise, some ‘me’ time and 7 to 8 hours sleep. A quiet study area, specific revision folders for each subject, practising past papers, noting, summarising, self –testing, a daily routine and minimising distractions are all approaches to learning that will help to maximise outcomes.

These exams are the culmination of two years of study, a well-deserved opportunity for the girls to demonstrate their deeper knowledge and understanding. Louis Pasteur once wrote that fortune favours the prepared mind. Those that take his advice are likely to shine.

ANU Scholarship

Eloise Moore

Congratulations to Eloise Moore, who recently won an ANU National Scholar’s Award. This scholarship includes a significant monetary contribution, an unconditional entry to the ANU, guaranteed accommodation, and preferential selection for the Vice Chancellor’s Leadership Program. It is only offered to a small number of students whose applications and interviews for the prestigious and highly competitive Tuckwell Scholarship are deemed to be outstanding, and who model Tuckwell attributes which include: being a smart and lateral thinker, innately driven, emotionally intelligent, refreshingly different, open minded, self-disciplined, willing to accept a challenge, good humoured and possessing the desire and determination to realise their potential and make the world a better place. While Eloise was not offered the Tuckwell, she can be proud of her achievement. It is not only her academic potential that has been rewarded, but also the IB learner attributes she has developed over the past two years and demonstrated at the interview that have made her stand out from hundreds of applicants, confirming the ATAR is not the only achievement that impresses universities or opens doors.

University news

Increasing numbers of Australian and overseas universities acknowledge the value added to their courses and institutions by IB graduates. The Tuckwell scholarship and National Scholar’s Award attest to the alignment between the qualities universities look for in their undergraduates, and the qualities of successful IB Diploma students.

At a recent IBO regional visit, attended by IB Asia Pacific staff and delegates from the Adelaide IB Diploma schools, the International Baccalaureate Development Manager, Dr Marcia Behrenbruch, discussed how 49 of the 51 universities in Australia have agreed to take part in research on IB student destinations. Additionally, because the universities value the Diploma, they are prepared to explore ways that their institutions could become first preferences for IB students. Advanced credit is also an area that the IB will be exploring with Australian universities in the future.

Year 11 Extended Essay Workshops

Extended Essay students Ellen Douglas and Jordyn Triggs

Year 11 students are commencing the Extended Essay this week. In the past we have started the workshops mid-way through Term 4, but after consultation with staff and students, the decision was made to amend the schedule and move the draft deadline to the end of Term 2, Year 12.

The focus of the Extended Essay sessions for the rest of year will be the development of research skills, how to conduct ethical research, create accurate bibliographies and citations and the framing and refining of appropriate essay questions. Prior to the holidays the girls will commence preliminary research into their chosen topic, with the guidance of their EE supervisor, who will be selected in Term 4.

A visit to the State Library and the Barr Smith Library has been arranged for Lessons 5 and 6 on Monday 14 September. Students have been enrolled as users for both libraries prior to the visit, which will enable them to search for, and borrow, resources online and personally until the end of 2016. They will have an induction session at each library, where staff will explain how to search for and access available resources, and take the students on a tour of the library facilities.

On behalf of the supervisors and the students, I would like to thank Miss Hollis, the Extended Essay Coordinator, for organising the visit, enrolling the students and accompanying them on this valuable and highly educational excursion.

Julie Robertson
IB Diploma Coordinator

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Chinese cooking


On 2 September, the Year 7 Chinese class cooked a popular Chinese dish – wontons. As a simplified version of dumplings, wontons were a great introduction to Chinese cuisine. Without any hesitation, the class settled in unison to complete the tasty dish.

The saying, ‘Food brings people together’, was destined to come alive during Wednesday’s experience. Watching and participating in flavouring mince with new ingredients such as Chinese cooking wine, we split into three groups to test our previously learnt wonton folding skills. As time progressed, the rips and tears appeared less often and we worked our way to a successful dish.

The lesson prior to this, we sat in our normal classroom, discussing ingredient use and dish naming. Not only was it important for us in embracing the culinary differences around the world, but also in building our Chinese vocabulary. Being able to understand grammar and context is vital in fast, effective learning. It opens the door to combining already known vocabulary and sentence context to estimate new word meanings.

In conclusion, not only was this a bite-sized taste of China’s culture, but also it was an opportunity to build open-mindedness and risk-taking abilities, freshly-made to bundle up and take home to use in daily life.

Aleisha Elliott
Year 7

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Junior School Vacation Care

JS Vacation Care Enews

The next instalment of our Vacation Care program is coming up in the school holidays. Children from the wider community are also warmly welcome to attend any of the activities.

There is a range of enriching activities on offer for girls and boys.

Families must pre-book the days they would like their child to attend Vacation Care. Your child can attend as little or as much as needed and days can be selected to suit your schedule and commitments. Children can attend for a full day or just half a day.

> Week 1: Monday 28 September to Friday 2 October
> Week 2: Tuesday 6 October to Friday 9 October

Junior School program
Join us for a day at the movies, a trip to Farm Barn or create your own pizza masterpiece. We’ll also have a disco, make our own chocolate factory and paint a spring-inspired canvas. Whatever the choice, children can enjoy a range of planned play and leisure experiences, practise social skills and solve problems in a safe and relaxed atmosphere.

> Junior School Vacation Care program
> Junior School Vacation Care booking form
> Student Registration Form
> OSHC Policy and procedure brochure

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Mothers’ Club update

e-robinsonFollowing a recent meeting of the Mothers’ Club, I have been appointed the new President.

I have been at St Peter’s Girls for the past seven years as a parent to Primrose, who is now in Year 5. I also have a son, Kirk, in Year 7 at St Peter’s College.

While Primrose was in the ELC, I was part of the inaugural Friends of the ELC. When we moved up to the ‘big’ school, I was a parent rep in Year 1. Following on from there, I wanted to continue being involved with the School and discovered the Mothers’ Club, and have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this enthusiastic group of women.

Fathers’ Day raffle success

Can we build a BBQ? Yes we can! And we will!

Thanks to the generosity of our school community, the Mothers’ Club Fathers’ Day raffle was a sizzling success! We raised a whopping $1785! Plus, with funds raised from the Entertainment Book earlier this year, totalling $1625, we have enough to purchase a new barbecue for the School.

The barbecue will be the final phase of the work sponsored by the Mothers’ Club for the Chiverton Lawns, including the Friendship Seat and the Amphitheatre.
Once it is complete, we would like to extend an invitation to the whole school community to use the barbecue for any event that you may see fit.

I’m looking forward to raising further funds for the benefit of our girls, and helping out when the opportunity arises. I also look forward to welcoming new mothers to the group.

Emma Robinson
Mothers’ Club President

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See you at City to Bay


If you plan to run the City to Bay this year, please come and visit the P&F marquee in the after-race village on Wigley Reserve.

The marquee will be a meeting point for all students, parents and friends who have participated or supported those participating in the race.

We will be serving some food and drinks as well as providing a massage bench to help soothe weary legs.

Come along, grab a bite to eat, meet fellow St Peter’s Girls people after the race, swap stories and enjoy reflecting on your achievement.

Ed Parker
P&F Association President

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OSA Movie Afternoon

OSA Movie night Enews

The St Peter’s Girls’ School community is invited to an exclusive movie experience.

The highly anticipated movie release, Spectre, sees 007 at his best when a cryptic message from his past sends James Bond (Daniel Craig) on a quest to uncover a sinister organisation while M (Ralph Fiennes) battles political forces that want to shut down the British Secret Service.

Saturday 14 November 2015
Drinks from 3pm
Movie from 3.30pm
The Regal Theatre, 275 Kensington Road, Kensington Park SA
Tickets $25 per person – Includes champagne on arrival and chocolates

Tickets available at

For enquiries please contact me on 8334 2239 or

Megan McCormack (nee Walker, Kilburn ’86)
Development Officer (Old Scholar Liaison)

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Year 12 Trial exams

The Trial exam timetable for Year 12 students can now be accessed here:

> Download the timetable

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Time to get the summer uniform in order

With only a few weeks remaining to the end of term and a change of uniform in Term 4, could you please contact the School Shop on 8334 2228 to arrange an appointment for a summer uniform for your daughter.

The School Shop will be open in the first week of the holidays on Thursday 1 and Friday 2 October, from 10am-3pm. The shop will be closed during the second week of the holidays.

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Peter Pan is flying in

JS Production Enews

The annual Year 5 production is coming up very soon, at the end of Week 4 in Term 4. This year we mount the production, Peter Pan Junior.

This is a beautiful version of the story with familiar songs. Prepare to be dazzled this year by something ‘just a little bit different’. Parent costume makers and prop sourcers have been hard at work, the music staff have been revising the songs with the girls, Mr D has been creating wonderful choreography and I have been busy blocking scenes and designing the vision.

The girls have really taken this show on with great vigour and have been able to bring to life many funny and many poignant moments. Mums, bring tissues – the ‘Your Mother and Mine’ scene will make you sniffle!

Thank you to all who have contributed to the show so far and to our parent community for their ongoing support.

7pm, 5 and 6 November 2015
Arts Centre, St Peter’s Girls’ School
Adults $15, Concession $8, Family $35

While Year 5 parents currently have priority access to book tickets, general tickets will go on sale Friday 18 September.

Shelley Hampton
Year 5 Teacher

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The Golden Ticket Raffle tickets selling fast


The Golden Ticket Raffle was launched this week, and tickets have been selling like hot cakes!

The Parents’ and Friends’ Association is running the raffle, where the first prize is a whopping $15,000 off your 2016 school fees. Who wouldn’t be pleased with that?

You’ll have to be quick, as there are only 300 tickets for sale, at a cost of just $100 each.

Log on to today!

Enquiries can be directed to the Development Office at

Lottery Licence No. M12992

Ed Parker
P&F President

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Join us for a movie!

FOR movie Enews

Get your family and friends together for an action packed afternoon at the movies to see the latest instalment in the Maze Runner series: The Scorch Trials!

The maze was just the beginning… Having escaped the Maze, the Gladers now face a new set of challenges on the open roads of a desolate landscape filled with unimaginable obstacles.

When: 3pm for 3:30pm start | Sunday 13 September 2015
Where: The Regal Theatre, 275 Kensington Rd, Kensington Park
Tickets: $20 | Book now at

Bookings through Trybooking will receive exclusive entry for great lucky door prizes including an Encounter Bay Holiday House Weekend, 1 month EFM Gym membership and magazine bundles… plus a tasty treat on arrival! Tickets can also be bought at the door on the day for the movie and treat – but you’ll miss out on the lucky prize draw.

A fundraising event for the St Peter’s Girls’ School Friends of Rowing.

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Holiday activities

Wilderness Escape Outdoor Adventures is offering some great activities these school holidays. We have a 3 day camp at Hindmarsh Island with activities, including surfing, sailing, raft building and billy cart construction among others. These are all age appropriate, with kids aged 8-10 and those 11-13 being engaged in different activities. We are also offering a day program at Woodhouse Activity Centre with kids aged 13-16 being able to use the 18m mega-swing, 15m rock climbing tower, 360m flying fox and high ropes course. Kids 8-12 will be building survival shelters, playing camouflage games and taking on the infamous Challenge Hill! Information is available at

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Sports Day results



Another outstanding event with 26 new records achieved, and Selwyn claiming the Page Shield for the first time.

Page Shield
1st Selwyn (4,921), 2nd Patteson (4245), 3rd Kennion (4203), 4th Kilburn (4114)

Junior Shield
1st Selwyn (1328), 2nd Kennion (1273), 3rd Patteson (1104), 4th Kilburn (1021)

Middle Shield
1st Selwyn (1954), 2nd Kilburn (1456), 3rd Kennion (1448), 4th Patteson (1352)

Senior Shield
1st Patteson (1789), 2nd Selwyn (1639), 3rd Kilburn (1637), 4th Kennion (1482)

Champion 100m Runner:
Junior: Gold Portia Maerschel (KEN), Silver Sophie Barr (KIL), Bronze Efua Yawson (SEL)
Middle: Gold Rose Pittman (KIL), Silver Jemimah Simpson (KIL), Bronze Millisent Wilkin (KIL)
Senior: Gold Lucy Brown (SEL), Silver Rachael Disney (KEN), Bronze Madison Bateman (KEN)

Athlete of the Day
Junior: Gold Portia Maerschel (Yr 6 KEN), Silver Sophie Barr (Yr 6 KIL), Bronze Noa Goddard (Yr 4 PAT)
Middle: Gold Rose Pittman (Yr 8 KIL), Silver Millisent Wilkin (Yr 7 KIL), Bronze Zoe Wilmshurst (Yr 8 SEL)
Senior: Gold Rachael Disney (Yr 10 KEN), Silver Lucy Brown (Yr 12 SEL), Bronze Olivia May (Yr 12 KEN) and Jasmine Ledgard (Yr 10 KIL)

Aggregate Cups – Year Level Winners
Year 4: Gold Noa Goddard (PAT), Silver Eleanor Humphrey (SEL) and Chloe Porter (KEN), Bronze Poppy Marshall (SEL)
Year 5: Gold Imogen Elliott (KIL), Silver Emily Baldwinson (KEN), Bronze Sophie Norman (PAT)
Year 6: Gold Portia Maerschel (KEN), Silver Sophie Barr (KIL), Bronze Keeley Fahey (SEL)
Year 7: Gold Millisent Wilkin (KIL), Silver Funto Komolafe (SEL), Bronze Harriet Maerschel (KEN)
Year 8: Gold Rose Pittman (KIL), Silver Zoe Wilmshurst (SEL), Bronze Hannah Brown (SEL)
Year 9: Gold Thandi Murada (KIL) and Jemimah Simpson (KIL), Silver Bethany Cross (PAT), Bronze Katherine Woolley (PAT)
Year 10: Gold Rachael Disney (KEN), Silver Jasmine Ledgard (KIL), Bronze Isabella Di Matteo (PAT)
Year 11: Gold Anna Cross (PAT), Silver Madison Bateman (KEN), Bronze Josephine Dalpra (KIL)
Year 12: Gold Lucy Martin (SEL), Silver Olivia May (KEN), Bronze Sophie Fry (PAT)

St Peter’s Gift
Winner – Rachael Disney (KEN)

Year 4 800m – Noa Goddard 2:51.52
Year 4 High Jump – Chloe Porter 1.15m
Year 4 Shot Put – Chloe Porter 5.81m
Year 5 100m – Efua Yawson 14.52
Year 6 100m – Portia Maerschel 14.49
Year 6 200m – Portia Maerschel 29.93
Year 6 Long Jump – Portia Maerschel 4.27m
Year 6 Champion Runner – Portia Maerschel 14.27
Year 6 High Jump – Keeley Fahey 1.35m
Year 6 Discus – Sophie Barr 34.80m
Year 6 Shot Put – Sophie Barr 10.29m
Year 7 High Jump – Funto Komolafe 1.41m
Year 7 200m – Millisent Wilkin 29.09
Year 8 Long Jump – Hannah Brown 4.64m
Year 8 High Jump – Jessica Schaedel 1.46m
Year 8 200m – Rose Pittman 28.30
Year 8 400m – Rose Pittman 1:01.99
Year 8 Discus – Zoe Wilmshurst 26.02m
Year 10 Discus – Jasmine Ledgard 25.70m
Year 10 Javelin – Jasmine Ledgard 29.87m
Year 10 Shot Put – Jasmine Ledgard 11.74m
Year 10 200m – Rachael Disney 26.55

4x100m Junior School – Kennion 1:04.05
Year 4 4x100m – Selwyn 1:13.84
Year 8 4x100m – Selwyn 59.96
Year 9 4x100m – Selwyn 1:00.40
Year 10 4x100m – Kilburn 1:00.64

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Sport Results

Badminton: season results

B Grade Shield WinnersThe A and B team competed in the Shield Grand Final last Saturday and were victorious in the B grade final, keeping the Saints Girls on the trophy for the fourth year in a row. The team consisted of Nancy Huang, Alice Powell, Catherine Neale and Laura Sivewright who played competitive and tactical badminton to defeat Wilderness. Well done, girls; a great result.

The A team played well against a very strong Wilderness team who have current state players. Great results from Josephine Liu and Sabrina Chou winning their singles and Kritika Mishra just missing a victory in three tight sets. Emily Murdock challenged her state team opposition, losing 8-15, 10-15.

Congratulations to all of our 2015 badminton players. We have had another successful season with all players improving their skills and match play. Badminton is growing in our school and we finished the season with 40 players, 14 new this season.

Team results for the season:
A won 6 out of 7 matches
B won 8 out of 9 matches
C won 7 out of 9 matches
D won 9 out of 10 matches
E won 7 out of 8 matches
F and G won 2 out of 5, and 1 out of 4 matches respectively, often against E grade teams.

Undefeated in their singles: Josephine Liu (Co-captain), Sabrina Chou (Co-captain), Alice Powell, Lola Dimond, Amy Li and Jiale Hu. Congratulation, girls; you have had a great season. The following girls were defeated on only one occasion during the season: Nancy Huang, Kate Landon, Nicola Jones, Nicole Ma and Michelle Yeoh.

Badminton – Saturday 29 August

Open A – Saints 2 defeated by Wilderness 4
A GradeHuge congratulations to the girls for a successful season and making it into the school finals! Despite the loss all the girls put in a strong fight! A great way to end the season, girls; I’m very proud of all the effort you’ve put into every training! Good luck for next year!

Open B – Saints 3 defeated Wilderness 3
Huge congratulations to the B girls for defeating on points (174-155), and winning the IGSSA title for the fourth year in a row! An outstanding performance from all players, especially Catherine Neale for an exceptional singles game! Well done, girls!

Open C: This week the C girls lost to Woodcroft. However, a huge improvement from the girls!

Open D: For their final week, the D grade girls played against Walford and came home victorious with a 5-1 win! Wonderful job!

Open E: A fantastic win from the E grade girls, 5-3.

Open F: A well contested game from the F girls, unfortunately losing to Immanuel E 6-2.

Also a huge thank you to Mrs Risbey, Stuart Rowlands, and Rebecca Huang for their time, effort, and encouragement. This has been a successful season, and I wish everyone good luck for next year! Josephine Liu (Captain)

Junior basketball – Wednesday 2 September

Year 6 White – Saints 19 defeated by Seymour Blue 49
A difficult game for the girls against very strong competition. It was pleasing to see the girls working together, with points being spread across many players. Player of the week was Emmanuelle Russell, with her great long shot accuracy. Tammy Flannagan (Coach)

Year 6 Blue – Saints 51 defeated Wilderness Green 12
This was a comprehensive victory by our girls in our most dominant display. I am amazed at how much improvement each girl has shown in just 6 weeks of competition. Our game awareness and understanding of ball movement has improved each week. To score 51 points was an amazing return for such an inexperienced group. Well done, team. Best this week in an even team effort was Kellie Bested with 12 points, all in the second half. Darren Berry (Coach)

Year 5 – Saints 21 defeated Pembroke 11
A fantastic effort from the girls this week. The game was played with great spirit and it was good to see the excitement shown by each player. The girls played well together, with a special mention going to Sophie Norman as she reached the maximum of 12 points. Josephine Dalpra and Ella Robinson (Coaches)

Junior netball – Wednesday 2 September

Year 4 White – Saints 7 defeated Saints Blue 2
All girls played extremely well even though it was cold and wet. Work in the goal rings and spreading out down the court was great. Hannah Williams made great intercepts while playing Centre, and Pearl Richards shot great goals throughout the game. Well done to all the girls this week! Eve Habel (Assistant Coach)

Year 3 – Saints had a bye

Junior soccer – Friday 4 September

No matches due to Sports Day

Lacrosse – Saturday 5 September

Under 15 – Saints 6 lost to Burnside 15
It was a great morning and the girls were keen to play against Burnside once again. Our centres were fantastic and Isabella Di Matteo (Year 10), Harriet Maerschel (Year 7), Millisent Wilkin (Year 7) and Portia Reppucci (Year 10), gained possession of the ball almost every time. In attack Alice Petchey (Year 10) controlled the ball well and Chelsea Walls (Year 7) scored some amazing and powerful goals. At half-time the girls knew that they really needed to focus on passing to players who were free and make sure they were watching their player in defence and the girl with the ball. Alexandra Reade (Year 9) did a great job in mid-field as she went hard for every ground ball. Unfortunately, the girls did not win but they gave it their all and it was a great way to finish a successful season. Goal scorers were Isabella Di Matteo, Alice Petchey, Portia Reppucci and Chelsea Walls. Best player goes to Portia Reppucci who was goalie in the second half and made a huge number of fantastic saves. Lucy Martin (Captain)

Under 13 Division 1 – Saints 10 defeated by Brighton 15
It was a big game to watch, with energy coming from both teams and a close score line. Chelsea Walls showed great skill and focus throughout the game, with Isabelle Norman working successfully in goals. Goal scorers Harriet Maerschel (2), Ruth Oliver (1), Chelsea Walls (6), Millisent Wilkin (1). Portia Reppucci (Captain)

Under 13 Division 2 – Saints 11 defeated St Aloysius 8
The girls fought extremely hard during the game and managed to take a convincing lead in the second half. They had excellent work in defence and worked hard to get the ball moving in attack, especially when St Aloysius were working so viciously. Best player went to Ruth Oliver for her great work in attack and also to Isabelle Norman for her continuing good work in defending the goals and also in making space and offering a pass. Alice Petchey

Gymnastics – Wednesday 9 September

gymnasticsSaints sent an enthusiastic team to the interschool gymnastics competition held at Marion. All girls performed and behaved remarkably. Thanks to Mrs Liddy for supervising and new Gymnastics Co-Captains, Alice Petchey and Molly Ellis, for their work all year with this program. While each year performed in year levels across a range of apparatus, they all joined together to take first place for whole school floor routine!

Year 3
Tumble 4th
Beam 1st
Bars 1st
Mini tramp 2nd

Year 4
Tumbling 5th
Beam 1st
Bars 1st
Mini tramp 1st

Year 5
Tumbling 4th
Beam 2nd
Bars 2nd
Mini tramp 2nd

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