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W7 - Selwyn

Sports Day – And the Winner is…SELWYN!

Congratulations to the girls in Selwyn House who have taken out Sports Day 2019!

Students across Years 4 to 12 braved damp and blustery conditions at the SA Athletics Stadium to compete across track and field events in the hotly-contested carnival.

Many parents joined in the fun, taking on the House Scramble and the coveted egg-and-spoon races. House pride was in full flight with noise, colour and enthusiasm enveloping the stadium.

Well done to the girls, parents and staff for another fantastic Sports Day! Full results in next week’s edition of eNews.

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Rose Reflects on Final Sports Day

W7 - Sport Prefect Article

It’s that time of the year again where students showcase their raw talents, whether it be on the track, in a field event, or in the infamous House Scramble…leading their House to victory. The pride each student demonstrates towards their House is contagious. The collective efforts from all the staff and students fosters the success of such an incredible, well-planned day, and specifically makes it so special for both first and last timers, Year 4s and 12s respectively.

I am pictured above with some excited Year 4s who were having a ball at their first Sports Day. I still remember my first Sports Day where the Year 12s surrounded the perimeter of the track and cheered us on regardless of our age. This year, there was definitely a bigger build up, with costumes to organise and greater hype, being my last Sports Day. The day was full of laughter and great memories, and I can confidently say that on behalf of the entire year level.

In the end, whether it be competing for the coveted Shield or Spirit Cup, there is a chance for everyone to participate and join in the fun. Regardless, many of us girls are literally left speechless. Finally, a huge thank you goes out to the PE Department for another great day.

Rose Pittman
Sport Prefect

To celebrate their final Sports Day, Rose and fellow Year 12s took part in a novelty pump up video that’s not to be missed:

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SACE Dancers Take Centre Stage

W7 - Dance

The SACE dancers took their final bows last night to celebrate their last performance of Generation Z, and I couldn’t have been prouder! The performance, which showcased many different styles of dance, involved a handful of Year 8 students, a Year 10 Dance class and the nine SACE students, as well as the Rock Band.

Each and every student who took to the stage did so with such commitment and conviction. It takes courage to get up in front of teachers, parents, friends and examiners and execute choreography well, while communicating a narrative. But they did this so very authentically, working as a team and supporting the new and lasting friendships they have developed throughout this process.

Dance is so much more than just the physical skill of learning steps. It is expressive and creative and requires a high level of collaboration and problem-solving. The students learnt so much about technique and performance, but even more about how to do something you love with confidence in a team environment. I feel very lucky to work with such engaged and passionate students.

Kate Burnett
Head of The Arts

Old Scholar Rower on Top of the World

W7 - Rowing

Congratulations to Old Scholar Olympia Aldersey (Kennion ’11) who became a senior world rowing champion last weekend, claiming Gold in the Women’s Four event at the World Rowing Championships in Linz-Ottensheim, Austria.

The crew of Lucy Stephan, Sarah Hawe, Katrina Werry and Olympia went undefeated throughout the regatta to win top honours. By virtue of making the A-Final, the Australians also qualified the boat berth for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Olympia, winning her first Senior World Rowing Championships Gold, was delighted with her crew’s victory.

“I won my first World Championships Gold medal back in 2012 in the Under 23s, so it’s taken me a while to get here! I think you can be a capable athlete mentally, but it’s about getting all your ducks lined up in a row and getting yourself in the right space to deliver,” she said.

“We couldn’t have done this year without the team behind us, it makes it all easier. We really worked as a crew to get here and it’s a credit to all of us for delivering our roles to get us over the line.”

Incredible achievement Olympia; bring on Tokyo 2020!

Content credit: Rowing Australia

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From the Deputy Principal / Head of Middle School

W7 - Middle School

Richard Lisle inside 220Being prepared to respond to a variety of challenges is an important life skill, and one that our students are only likely to improve at through experience.

Whilst we make a deliberate decision to make lessons challenging, and our line of ‘challenge your thinking’ is always close at hand, the next few weeks will see some specific challenges for all girls in Years 8 – 10.

Girls in Year 9 and 10 set off for Camp in Week 9. With potentially difficult and varied weather conditions, strenuous activity, a change in diet and unusual sleeping arrangements to contend with, school camps can be a real test of perspective and emotional control. The key, I believe, as with many things, is preparation. Practically, the girls need to be well organised with regards to food, equipment, water-proofing and warm clothes. Few of us love getting cold, wet and hungry, so it would make sense to prepare in a way that makes that as unlikely as possible. The Middle School Framework promotes self-management as a skill we’re looking to develop. Taking responsibility for adequate preparation and considering the task ahead, and consequently packing appropriately, HAS to be the student responsibility if self-management is to be developed. The other part of preparation that, once again, needs to be considered before leaving for the challenge of camp, is mental preparation. Over the past 18 months, girls in #EMPOWHER sessions have all been given a variety of strategies to help deal with anxiety, to recognise heightened emotional responses, and to avoid catastrophising and negative thought patterns. Revisiting these ahead of camp might be a useful exercise, especially for those students who know that camp can be a time where they feel heightened emotions or have had difficulty managing those in the past.

Our Year 8 and 9 students also have their examination period to embrace in the coming week. Like camp, for some, this is a period of excitement where they relish the chance to show their ability to apply their learning in a specific environment, whilst for others, it can present a different challenge. Once again, preparation is key, and we have been talking to the girls about how to prepare for their exams for a number of weeks. Learning this important area of self-management is only likely when given the chance to do it as part of an authentic experience, but one where the stakes might not be as high as they might be at other times in their academic life. Just like it is for camps, the particular challenges being placed in front of students at any one time are, whilst difficult, age-appropriate and completely possible to overcome with a mixture of careful thought, planning, hard work and perhaps a little short-term discomfort. Understanding that in advance makes the challenge seem manageable. Completing and learning from the experience leads to the growth and a sense of pride and increased self-efficacy that help prepare us for future challenges.

Richard Lisle
Deputy Principal / Head of Middle School

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Badminton Girls Net Top Honours

W7 - Badminton

Last Saturday, the Open A and Open B Badminton teams competed in the finals for the IGSSA Shield of this season. It is a great pleasure to announce that the Open A girls had a convincing and fabulous win against Westminster, taking 4 games out of 6, regaining the shield for Saints Girls after six years.

All of our players displayed great determination and enthusiasm to win, and had one of their best performances of the season against our strongest opponents. Everyone put in so much effort during the games and showcased their techniques, persistence and team spirit to the fullest extent. It was wonderful to see the girls showcasing excellent badminton skills, using various strategies to overcome difficulties, and always cheering, encouraging and helping each other during the matches. Congratulations to Yang Yang Gu, Gloria Gao, Amy Li and Mahala Truscott, and our deep gratitude goes towards the players, coaches, families and friends who came to support us, and also all badminton girls who participated this season. I would also like to thank our opponent, Westminster, for pulling off such an intense, exciting and incredible final with us.

Unfortunately, the Open B girls lost their final to Wilderness, however, the games were close and tense. The girls all played with their best effort and there was some outstanding badminton and teamwork during the games. They achieved amazing results this season, finishing undefeated in regular matches. Congratulations and thank you to the Open B girls for your great achievement, as well as your effort, enthusiasm and excellent performance throughout the season.

Open A: 4 – 2 defeated Westminster
Open B: 2 – 4 defeated by Wilderness

Overall, the Saints’ Badminton teams have had a very successful season, with both top teams making the finals and winning the A shield. Moreover, for all other girls, especially those newly-joined players this year, they have shown their passion and amazing improvements throughout games and trainings. Again, I would like to thank everyone for their effort and contribution, and we look forward to seeing you all next year!

Amy Li
Badminton Captain

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High Notes at ABODA Festival

W7 - Music

Some outstanding results were achieved at the recent South Australian Band and Orchestra Festival. Our Developmental Band, directed by Warren Heading, received overall winner in the Novice Band section. Competing against much larger bands, the girls demonstrated their talent with a highly-accurate performance. Our Senior Strings, Percussion Ensemble and Concert Band received Gold awards.

Stage Band competed in Division 1 this year for the first time and achieved a well-deserved Silver level. A big congratulations to our Junior Strings, conducted by Fiona Patten, who achieved Bronze level. We had the youngest group of musicians in the festival, with some of our girls in Year 2 competing against Middle School ensembles.

The Festival was a terrific way for our girls to perform, receive written and verbal feedback from wonderful music professionals, and hear other like schools perform similar standards of music. Our little Big Band also achieved outstanding results, winning a Gold award in their first-ever performance. The girls will be playing on the steps of the Arts Centre on Monday morning before school in Week 10, so come along and listen to their Gold level performance from 7.45 – 8.20am.

A big thanks to all our directors – Nick Parnell, Warren Heading and Fiona Patten – for their time and support in preparing our ensembles for the competition.

Sally Rounsevell
Director of Music

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Receptions Treasure Buddy Experience

W7 - Receptions

On Monday, the Reception students from 0MK and 0AL joined forces with their buddy classes 6KIB and 5SMU, and participated in a Book Week activity at the School run by Nature Play SA. In small groups, the girls embarked on a geocaching adventure, using handheld GPS trackers to navigate and find hidden treasures around Chiverton Lawns.

Once located, the girls engaged in a series of short activities that connected with 2019 shortlisted Book Week books. The girls thoroughly enjoyed searching for hidden treasures around the school grounds with the help of their older buddies.

“I liked finding the bags.” – Ava C

“I enjoyed doing the activities with my friends.” – Harper

“I liked finding the Chalk Boy treasure clue; we got to draw chalk drawings on the ground.” – Mikayla

“I liked when we got to make masks.” – Penny

“I liked drawing my own rainbow bear.” – Lila

Alana Lesiw and Meg Karvonen
Reception Teachers

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Cross Country Interhouse Results

W7 - Cross Country

After rain delays, the final placings for the Interhouse Cross Country can be announced. In one of the closest finishes for a number of years, collating all of the places and participation, the final standings were:

1st Patteson (379 points) who claimed the House Shield for the first time since 2010
2nd Selwyn (364 points)
3rd Kilburn (309)
4th Kennion (275)

Reception – 1st Mikayla Rundle (PAT), 2nd Lucy Dougherty (KEN), 3rd Harper Tofts (KIL)
Year 1 – 1st Milly Richardson (KEN), 2nd Gabriella Noskovic (KIL), 3rd Crystal Gui (PAT)
Year 2 – 1st Emily Robinson (KIL), 2nd Matilda Purvis (KIL), 3rd Ruby Pahuja (PAT)
Year 3 – 1st Lauren Disney (KEN), 2nd Lois Burton-Howard (SEL), 3rd Beatrice Tolley (SEL)
Year 4 – 1st Isla Fahey (SEL), 2nd Ella Pearce (SEL), 3rd Lily Forby (KIL)
Year 5 – 1st Chloe Richardson (KEN), Eliza Brill Reed (KEN) 3rd Amelia McDonald (SEL)
Year 6 – 1st Levanya De Silva (PAT), 2nd Carla Massicci (KIL), 3rd Lara Maione (PAT)
Year 7 – 1st Claudia Pearce (SEL), 2nd Dani Cox (KEN), 3rd Mathilda Thomas (PAT)
Year 8 – 1st Willow Stewart-Rattray (PAT), 2nd Poppy Marshall (SEL), 3rd Georgina Wakeham (PAT)
Year 9 – 1st Imogen Elliott (KIL), 2nd Alexia Politis (PAT), 3rd Anushka Rajbhoj (SEL)

Congratulations to all participants!

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Save The Date – SACE Music Concert

W3 - SACE Music Concert

Our senior Music students are steadily working towards their SACE Solo and Ensemble Performance Summative Assessments which will form the basis of our upcoming SACE Music Concert at 7pm on Thursday 12 September. Stage Band, Chamber Choir, Concert Choir, Concert Band and Enchante will perform as many of our students use these ensembles to gain 10 SACE credits in Ensemble Performance. We will also hear many solos. Entry is free and we encourage audience members to bring their own drinks and nibbles.

Please come along and support our senior Music students from 7pm on Thursday 12 September (Week 8).

Sally Rounsevell
Director of Music

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Geography Students Show Natural Talent

W7 - Year 9

The Year 9 Geography class have been investigating biomes and the impact humans have had on them. In order to gain a clear understanding, students working in pairs were set the task to create a ‘biorama’. They had to investigate how plants and animals adapted in the biome selected.

Student Reflections
We learnt about what type of animals and plants live and survive in the Tropical Rainforest biome, and how they have adapted to the surroundings over time. While researching the biome, we gained a deeper understanding about the structure of Tropical Rainforest and how it is split into different layers. Making the model was an interesting and fun task as it allowed us to express our creativity and knowledge. It was very creative, interactive, educational, and gave us the opportunity to build group work skills. – Tahlia Louca

This was a fun assignment that was not only educational but practical and hands-on. We discovered new things about this biome that we had never learnt before. It was a great way to teach ourselves something new and express our creativity. We worked with new people and learnt how to manage ourselves and develop our organisational skills. – Adele Russell and Emily Elston

We have learnt about all the different, interesting species of flora and fauna living in this environment and the way they survive and interact in these conditions. This knowledge we gained allows us to understand and connect with our environment, and to realise just how delicate, intricate and important our world is. We found making the biorama fun, as it allowed us to have a hands-on experience and be creative whilst also learning about the shrubland. Assignments like this allow us to work creatively and use our imaginations. – Madeline Symon

It was really interesting to investigate all of the different animals around the world and how they have changed and evolved over time. We had to think about how animals and plants would use strategy in order to increase their chances of survival. In our biorama, we recreated the dense and intricate ecosystems in the rainforests. It was really fascinating to see how all of the different species of plants and animals lived in harmony. We also had to try to replicate the wide array of colours, textures and materials, and tried to accurately portray the different elements of the rainforests that make it such a unique biome. – Madeline Harmer

Anna Stefopoulos
Year 9 Geography Teacher

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Thursday Club Special Performance

Thursday Club is an extension program for vocalists and instrumentalists who show interest and aptitude for performing within the Jazz ad pop genre. Renowned Adelaide Jazz guitarist Mike Bevan works weekly with students to develop their knowledge and skills in creating unique music arrangements for performance.

On Thursday 26 September, our Thursday Club will be performing a two hour set at Base Camp Café on Glynburn Road at Burnside from 5 – 7pm. We invite everyone to come along to this local venue, hosted by past Saints Girls’ parent Boris Vidic. Entry is free, and tapas and beverages will be available for purchase to enjoy while listening to some high-quality music from our Thursday Club vocalists accompanied by Mike on guitar.

A great way to celebrate the end of term and relax after a busy Thursday!

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Fringe Benefits from Ponytail Project

W5 - Ponytails
The Ponytail Project has launched at St Peter’s Girls with great success. More than 60 students have registered to cut 10cm off their ponytails at the end of the term to raise money for the Cancer Council. Due to the amazing efforts of the students and the generosity of the School community, over $7,000 is already in the bank. At last count, Kennion students ($2,872) have raised the most, with Kilburn ($2,490) close behind, and Patteson ($885) and Selwyn ($786) trailing but still doing a great job.

Students interested in taking part should go to and register now and join their House teams.

Anyone interested in supporting a participating student should go to the House team sites:

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Fundraising for Cambodia

W6 - Fundraising Banner

This December, a group of Year 11 girls in collaboration with a group of Year 11 PAC boys will have the opportunity to travel to Cambodia for Service Learning.

The Service Learning Trip involves visiting the New Hope for Cambodian Children Village and teaching the children English literature. Furthermore, this trip offers the opportunity to construct houses for families in Cambodia and present them to the families in person, which has been a memorable and emotional experience for many past participants.

This trip could not be possible without the extensive fundraising being undertaken this year. We are inviting all friends and families of the St Peter’s Girls’ community to have dinner at the Feathers Hotel on 23 September (Monday, Week 10). For every pizza sold on the night, $10 will go towards the Cambodia Service Learning Trip. You are now able to book a reservation for the night either online or over the phone. During the night, you will be able to purchase raffle tickets for the chance to win a great prize.

The Cambodia Service Learning team is also selling portable chargers, which have proven to be extremely useful when access to a power point and charger is not available. Currently at stores across Adelaide, portable chargers are sold on average for between $50-$80. Fortunately, you are able to purchase a portable charger via for just $40.

We are all very excited to take part in this trip, making life-long memories and seeing the impact of our fundraising in a community where we can improve the quality of life.

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School Shop Reminder – Summer Uniform

With only three weeks left in Term 3 and a change from winter to summer uniform imminent, it’s time to dig out those summer dresses to ensure they still fit, or to upgrade if necessary.

The School Shop will be open on Thursday and Friday of the second week of the school holidays (10 – 11 October) from 9am – 4pm.

Summer uniform is required from the first day of Term 4.

Please call the School Shop on 83342228 or email to book a uniform fitting appointment.

School Shop

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OSA Movie Afternoon Fundraiser

W3 - OSA Movie Night_eNews Banner

The OSA is delighted to be hosting a movie fundraiser – ‘Downton Abbey’ – on Saturday 14 September at 1.30pm at the Regal Theatre.

Please join us for a relaxing afternoon watching the movie which picks up in 1927, about a year and a half after the series finale was set, and revolves around the good folks at Downton preparing for a very special visit from the King and Queen of England.

Tickets are $20 via; the price includes a drink (soft drink or bubbles) on arrival and chocolates.

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Year 5 Production Tickets on Sale!

W4 - eNews Banner

Secure your tickets to see this wonderful show: St Peter’s Girls’ School’s production of Ian Fleming’s Chitty Chitty Bang Bang JR.

Tickets are now on sale to the School community and will sell fast, so book early to snap up great seats.

There is a limit of six tickets per family. Should seats still be available closer to opening night, families will be able to purchase additional tickets. Grandparents who would prefer to attend a matinee performance will be invited to buy tickets to the school session on Friday 27 September at 1.15pm, which our Junior School students will be attending.

26 – 27 September 2019 at 7pm
St Peter’s Girls’ School Arts Centre

Ticket prices:
Adult $17
Student/Concession $12
Family (2 Adults/2 Children) $42


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Could You be a Stallholder at The Garden Of Saintly Delights in 2020?

Although it’s still more than six months away, a great event takes planning, and The Garden of Saintly Delights is certainly one that captures the heart of our School community. With rides, food, entertainment and more, there is something for everyone, including shoppers with our ever-growing market place.

This year, I have taken on the role of coordinating our Market Stalls and am looking to gather as many different and varied stalls as possible. When thinking about where to source these from, I realised that we have so many families in our own community who may like the opportunity to display their business products on the day, not only to our School but the surrounding community as well. What better way to showcase the amazing talents of our school families than at our Garden of Saintly Delights Market?

So, if you have a business or sell a product that would suit being a part of our market, please get in touch via my email as I would love to have as many of our families exhibited as possible.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Lorraine Scarr

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Blue Light Disco

Adelaide Blue Light are hosting their next Blue Light Event on 4 October at Mega Courts Windsor Gardens.

Blue Light SA is a not-for-profit charity that hosts regular events for youth across Adelaide to promote positive police interactions and to raise funds for community programs.

This particular event ties in with the current trend towards online gaming by promoting safe and positive online interactions, and encouraging respectful behaviours and conversations in a highly-competitive real-life environment.

Blue Light Disco Poster

Tickets can be purchased from the following link:

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Planning Ahead: The US & UK Application Timeline

W3 - Crimson Education

10 September

If you are in Years 9 – 11 and want to have the option of studying in the US or UK straight after high school, we encourage you to learn as much as you can about the application process as early as possible. This information session, run by Crimson Education, will show you how to prepare for overseas admission and will provide tips on how to apply alongside your SACE or IB.

Click here for free group tickets.

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Upcoming House Dinners

W1 - House Dinner

During Term 3, all Middle and Senior School girls have the opportunity to enjoy a night away from homework to get creative and colourful at the House Dinners.

The Year 11s have been working hard organising decorations, food and games for each event. Visit the Trybooking links below to purchase your daughter’s ticket for the night as this is a compulsory event.

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone’s creative costumes and enjoying a fun night with our Houses.

Patteson House Dinner
Theme: American High School
13 September (Week 8)
Book now:

Year 12 House Captains

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Sports News


Little Athletics is holding a Dare to Dream Athletics Holiday Clinic at the SA Athletics Stadium on 2 and 9 October.

The clinic provides a great opportunity for students to learn, have fun and improve their athletic skills through participation in event coaching with experienced coaches. There are also other great activities planned, as well as getting to meet Australian long jumper and Commonwealth Games’ representative Margaret Gayen (Patteson ’11) who is a Saints’ Old Scholar and Hall of Fame member, on 9 October.

For more information, visit


Senior – 9th
Middle – 8th

Open A – 1st
Open B – 2nd

Open A – 7th
Open B – 10th

Open A – 5th
Open B – 9th
Year 9A – 5th
Year 8A – 2nd
Year 7A – 5th

Open A – 6th
Open B – 6th
Middle A – 8th


Year 6 Blue – Saints 15 defeated Wilderness Blue 12
This was a really physical game and I was proud of the way the girls adapted and came out on top against a very good side. There was never more than a goal the difference and, after falling behind in the last quarter, we stepped up to be in front at the finish. All played well, with an emphasis on defence showing through. – Brenton Davies (Coach)

Year 5 – Saints 12 defeated by Seymour Blue 42
Unfortunately, the girls suffered a loss but they did play their best game yet. They worked really well as a team, called for the ball, rebounded and dribbled the ball. They are learning to work as a team and they are getting the ball down to our end of the court really quickly. – Kelly Laird (Coach)


Millie Wilkin, Chelsea Walls, Abbie Lisle and Stephanie Smalls all played in the Under 18 Burnside/St Peter’s team to defeat North Eagles 12-9 and now face Glenelg in the qualifying final! The win ensures the team will finish in at least 3rd position. – Millie Wilkin (Lacrosse Captain)

Under 13 – Saints 9 defeated Glenelg 7
We played our season-long rivals Glenelg for the guaranteed spot in the Grand Final. It was a nail-biting game with both teams getting 2 goals in the first quarter, 2 each again in the second quarter, leaving us tied at half-time. Then, Glenelg managed to get a 1 goal lead at the end of the third. In the fourth, Ashlyn May took advantage and added 4 goals to finish with 6. All the girls really put their heads down and showed their determination, making up the difference and more, ending with a 2 goal victory and securing their place in the Grand Final on 14 September. – Caitlyn Grayson (Coach)

Under 11 Blue – Saints 5 drew with St Aloysius 5
The girls were somewhat sad for the last game of the season but were ready to give their all. Lilly Meo (Year 3) caught several balls and impressed everyone by making several intercepts. In defence, Neela (Year 3) did well at sticking to her player and threw the ball long into attack when she got it. Enya Ouyang (Year 4) was our terrific goalie in the first half, and in the second half, she used her speed to run well with the ball. At half-time, the girls were down by 1 goal but were not going to give up. Claris Stolcman (Year 3) always ran hard on the field which helped her be first to many ground balls and win them against the opposition. In attack, Matilda Wilkin listened to feedback and went behind the goal in case the shot was missed so she could get the ball. Eliza Burmester (Year 4), our goalie in the second half, saved a number of shots to help keep us in the game. Goal scorers were Matilda (1), Claris (3) and Lilly (1). It was a great match to end on as everyone played very well. It has been a pleasure to watch the girls’ stick skills improve and see their love for the game flourish. – Lucy Martin (Coach)

Under 11 White – Saints 5 defeated by Wilderness 8
This game was an exceptional display of the team’s improvements throughout the season. Facing a tough side, the girls fought until the end. Great, purposeful passes were thrown, close defence was shown and our speed was really tested against an older and taller opposition. Our strengths were shown in attack where we dominated the first half of the game. We had a draw for the majority of the game until Wilderness got some fast goals in the final quarter. All players showed their strengths on the field; special mention to Ruby Kelly who enthusiastically played goalie and blocked numerous goals. In comparison to our first game against Wilderness earlier in the year, we have come a long way! What a positive way to end such a wonderful season – I’m very proud of our achievements this year and really hope to see everyone back next year! – Sophie Auricht (Coach)


Year 8A – Saints 21 defeated by Scotch 32
The team headed to Westminster to take on Scotch in the Year 8A Grand Final. We had secured our place in the finals by 3 goals, after a dominating display against Walford the week prior. The girls and Coach Olivia Coulter were confident and ready to give it their best shot.

Scotch started strongly, racing to an 8-1 lead halfway through the first quarter, but Saints wrestled back momentum and pulled the score back to 9-5 at the first break. Carrying this momentum into the second quarter, we closed the gap to 2 goals before Scotch lifted again. The Saints Girls kept coming, but every time we got a few goals in a row, Scotch managed to steady and gain back control. The girls fought hard, but Scotch were just too good on the day, running out eventual winners. – Alice Johnswood

Year 4 Blue – Saints 4 defeated by Seymour Blue 20
Saints had some good passages of play but Seymour were too strong. Aleiyah Abraham was a stand out in defence. Despite the score, well done to Saints Girls for never giving up and trying their very best. Awesome work girls. – Karen Braund (Coach)

Year 3 – Saints 1 defeated Seymour 0
The girls started strongly and kept persisting the whole way through. They fought for the ball well and took many great intercepts. Special mention to Maggie who scored the only goal for the game. Each week, the girls play and train with enthusiasm. It’s great to see every one of them improve their skills. All the girls played extremely well with their first win of the season. Great job girls! – Georgia Hoskins (Student Coach)


Year 6 – Saints 2 defeated by Loreto Blue 4
It was great to see combination play, moving the ball around the pitch and getting out of trouble. Awesome goals form Shirley and Anna. Thanks to Sophia and Lucy for being goalkeepers. – Sebastiano Mazzarolo (Coach)

Year 5 – Saints 0 defeated by Pulteney 6
The girls played an awesome game. They all listened and put in a lot of hard work, showing everything they had been learning. The result did not reflect how they played as they did very well and tried really hard. They showed great teamwork on and off the pitch, helping each other with shin pads. – Lucy Benn (Student Coach)

Year 3/4 – Saints 8 defeated Walford 0
The girls notched up another win in a so far undefeated season! This time against Walford who were incredibly competitive in the first half. Accolades were spread across the entire squad. Abbie Tulloch, Isabella Blake and Valentina Patino all contributed in defence, clearing the ball with smooth transitions from defence to offence. Both goalkeepers played really well. Lois Burton-Howard has continued to develop her skills and is now throwing her body into contests; Lilly Meo had her first taste in goals and showed great skill – in particular, one amazing kick which accurately found Lauren who coaxed the ball around the opposition’s keeper. Our forwards captivated the attention of the onlookers. The girls would have attempted close to 30 shots on goal. Beatrice Tolley impressed with her tenacity, converting 2 goals in her best game for the season. Lauren Disney again managed to score a bag of goals, adding another 4 to her impressive haul for the season. Lois enjoyed the opportunity again to shake off the goalie gloves, kicking 2 goals then sporting a smile similar to the Cheshire Cat. It was clearly evident that Ziyuan Qin enjoyed her first game for the season and it was great to have her in the squad.

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